Thursday, March 10, 2016

                                    Lovely display business cards in an old elegant frame.
                                                          More dollies and other delights!
Top of a china cabinet displaying a bunch of doilies.
Oh so romantic! This is the way family Christmas's should be!
I have been planning to reproduce this delightful Christmas decoration from the movie "Happy Christmas, Mrs King" for awhile. Maybe it will be ready for this year's Christmas!
This is Mrs King riding through town in her sleigh...isn't this a divine scene?
Love this scene in the movie "Merry Christmas Mrs.King." This is the mercantile and it looks very much like my own mercantile that my dearest Tim built for me on the back of my home. One acceptation would be the Canadian flags being displayed across the top of the cabinet. I would and have American flags, of course.
Me with 2 clowns I refer to as my grandsons, Isaac and Eli! Last summer at Waterworld.
"In Jesus Name" was the name of this band of wanna be musicians back in the 1970's. Me, on the left front doning a macrame' and red bead chocker, as was popular in the day. I was the female lead singer. We had some fun times practicing songs to sing for different events in little towns in our Northern California area. Other band members: behind me, Carol Miller, behind her, Jerry Walker, ring leader, to right Lynn Johnston, and Terry Witt, my lil bro. We girls had black top hats that we wore when we traveled....wish I still had mine. No idea what I have done with that hat. 

Well, what-do-ya-know....I am posting on my blog for the first time in ages. Here's Willow adorning my new mask. I love this mask with it's "nanny, nanny" stick out your tongue face.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Birthday Girl

Today is my oldest daughter, Sarah's, birthday. The photo is from a party she shared with friend, Effie Miller, in Grass Valley back in about 1982. Such a pretty girl. That has not changed over the years, she is still pretty.
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving spread

Okay, here's what we had...Turkey, Ham, Yams, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Green Salad, Corn, Cranberry Chutney, Cranberry Jello Salad, Gravy, Rolls, and Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream. Boy, that's alot...but we gotta lot of leftovers. Tyler helps us out by taking home a doggie bag.
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Snow covered birdhouse

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Thankgiving -desert time

Here I am with son, Tyler, and husband, Tim. It was a small celebration, but good food and company.
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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

CAKE at Farm Chicks

This large metal and wire cake was the center piece at the Farm Chicks Show last weekend. It was very cool and made me wanna do some metal creations myself! You can only get the jest of how large it was...I only had my hubby's small camera to use. I have lost my battery charger for my camera and had to go with the backup. But it is just not "my camera."
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Where Women Create founder & I

Yep, this is me with Jo Packman, the founder of Where Women Create. I bought the book when it came out and have bought every issue of the magazine ever since. I told her I was gonna be in her magazine someday...she said "Send me your information." So whenever I get settled and get to have a studio again I'm gonna do just that! I had to ordered the new book, "Inspiration" since she ran out at the show. But it will come in the mail to me signed by her. BTW, I am not towering over her in the photo, she is sitting down for the book signings.
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Carnation & I

Carnation truck that is...this beauty greet us at the front door of the building at Farm Chicks this year. Of course, I had to get my pic taken with it.
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Farmchick plate

This plate was on the Carnation truck at Farm Chicks...adoreable.
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Rolane from the Vintage Barn

Rolane sold some of my crowns...I forgot to get a picture of them in her booth. I only had a few left and with recently moving it was just not possible to get more made. Rolane's show is coming up in July in Rathdrum, Idaho. Great outdoor show at her farm there. My crowns will be there, providing I can get more made.
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Serena-The Farm Chick, and I

Serena is very sweet and personable. I finally bought her first cook book at the show and got her to sign it. I like that it has "stuff" other than just recipes in it. Pretty book. This photo was taken at the end of the day...I look pretty thrashed after all of that walking around and trying to get into booths. My bangs curled up as they tend to do at times. The show was very crowded, which is good, means they had good stuff there. I did manage to find some treasures; an old wood corn cob scraper (nice patina), a very old apple corer, a great old print that says "Christ is the Head of this House," -very Victorian, old jars lids (always looking for these), bone handled fork, and a few more smaller treasures. I had fun, as always even going alone. Thanks, Serena for all of your hard work.
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birthday Pizza Party

In this photo Noah (in blue soccer uniform) sits with Ameen, Aneesah, Tim (grandpa), Pamela (grandma). The family pizza party was at Fargo's Pizza Company in Colorado Springs. Boy was this place great! The decor was right up my alley. All antiques and old pictures. It has a steam boat feeling inside with the white lights all around the ceiling. Noah got a free ice cream sundae...this kid had ice cream times on his birthday and then an ice cream cake his mom made after the pizza party. We do love ice cream in our family.
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Strong Kid

Noah holding up one of the large red rocks in Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.
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Between Rocks

Noah and I pose on a large rock-appearing to be eating us up!
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Noah & I

Here we are on Noah's 13th birthday at The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Noah is our first born grandson.
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Noah's Double Decker

This kid got spoiled on his more treat...a double decker ice cream cone in the Trading Post.
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Our Little Cowboy

Tryin' on a hat in the Trading Post at The Garden of the Gods.
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Noah's 13th Birthday picnic

We took Noah and went on a drive around The Garden of the Gods, a rock formation park, on his 13th birthday. We got food at Subway fries at McDonald's and then a Blizzard for Noah and took it with us. Noah was a pleasure to spend time with. He loves the outdoors and guns. He misses the trees in Idaho.
But aren't two of my favorite men adorable? We had a lovely time together. Hard to believe Noah is 13.
This was part of our time spent in Colorado Springs.
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Little Garden Girl & Farm Chicks Give Away

This little gal is collecting flowers she has picked from her garden...statue left behind when Mother in law moved back to Florida.

Check out the Farm Chicks Blog and their fun give-away here:

What fun it would be to write about this favorite!
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Old Wood Rack

This was a piece a friend was tossing out. It was missing some slats, so we got creative to fix that issue. What did we do? Well, we started looking around this place for something to put in the space of missing slats.
Ahha! About two years ago I had an old trunk sitting around that was in really bad shape, torn metal and such. Tim wanted me throw it out..."what?" I said, "throw it out?" "you are kidding, right?" I never throw anything out, especially is it has anything old on it. I took that trunk apart and saved the metal and pieces of wood. Knowing someday it would come in handy for something...and it did. So Tim took those pieces from the old trunk and laid them out on the rack...they fit perfectly! Amazing!
Well, this rack had a hold some of my baskets. So Tim hung it up in the back dining room above a Hoosier cabinet and out of the way. It's been up since Christmas. I did not have the right size hooks for the baskets, so it was never used. Then in January we began to talk about selling this house. Without ever being used, he took it down yesterday. It now sits outside of the house we are moving too waiting to be hung again and this time maybe it will get used. My ceilings in the new house are not very high, so not sure where it will go. It may have to wait until the next house...which I hope is a farmhouse! Still dreaming...of that farmhouse where grandchildren can run and play, I can have my chickens, grow a large garden, and have gatherings...lots of gatherings!
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