Wednesday, May 21, 2008

'Olde' guys pose here

One of the things I do when going into town for my monthly DAR meeting is stop by a rummage sale that is put on by 31 local churches. I seem to always find some little treasures there. Last Friday they were having a sale, with everything half off. It kind of a liquidation sale because they close for the summer. So I got this whole group of old photos for about $9.00. I usually go for the lady ones, but there weren't any. That's okay, I like these fine. So they will be added to my collection.
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Hasting's gift card got me this...

I had a $10.00 gift card from Hasting's that I won at Bunco recently. So while on my excursion into town today I stopped and cashed it in on this delightful Somerset Life magazine. It is chock full of great ideas...a wonderment for the visual eye, such as mine. I will enjoy every minute of leafing thru this feast for the eye!
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Patriotism rules!

I happen to love the olde red, white, and blue! Here are some magnets I got at the $1 store today. I will put them on my ice cream truck to show my patriotism!
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Michael's finally gets "with it"

I did not have a coupon today when popping into Michael's. It was not a part of my planned trip into town, but I had the time so thought I better stop in to see what was new. I thought I would ask one of the employees if she had a spare coupon for me. I have seen the gals in there give out coupons from time to time, so it could not hurt to ask. She directed me to the front of the store where there was a newspaper type rack with a stack of the Michael's sale papers in it! I was so surprised. If I had known this I would have done my casual shopping with a different eye...meaning I would have been looking what I could buy using a coupon!
In fact there were two coupons on the paper, good for different dates. So Yippee...Congratulations, Michael's I think you have made a lot of customer's very happy! Not sure what took you so long, but glad you are on board.
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Monkey Face

I found this cute as can be monkey face magnet at the $1 Store today. Had to bring it home to put on my metal file cabinet. It will add some cheeriness to my office.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Noah's Ice Cream Business for sale

Well, we decided to sell my ice cream truck business. So I have listed it on craigslist. I have been getting responses, so we will see what happens. I have really been suffering from the heat and being out it in selling ice cream has become more and more difficult for me. So we will sell the business that my daughter started 11 years ago now. She named it after her son, Noah. When she got married I bought it from her and have been the ice cream lady every since. It is hard to let it go, but sometimes we have to do the hard stuff.
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My Mother's Day Gift

I had wanted a mother's ring for quite a few years now. When I got up on Mother's day this year my thought was "Well, I probably won't get it a mother's ring again this year." I was thinking that the kids had probably not planned ahead to make that happen. But, alas, to my surprise they had, thanks to my oldest daughter, Sarah. When my son, Tyler, arrived here to go to church with us, he said to check my email, so I went in and looked and there it was! Yeah, a mothers ring for me!
Sarah picked this design and it perfectly holds my four children's name and birthstones. It also represents my first love, a cross for my Lord Jesus Christ. I took this picture of the screen because the ring is in shipment and will be here in a day or so. I am very excited to get it.
Is this a great gift or what?
Thanks to my four darlins' are the best! I love you so much!!!
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Thoms we come

Here is our new business card. Yes, Tim and I have become Referring Travel Agents. We are very excited about this new venture.
Tim has been in the construction field for many years and it is beginning to take it's tole on his body. He needs a knee replacement too. Plus we have no we knew we needed to find something to get us through our next stage of life.

We both LOVE to travel, who doesn't? So when we heard about this opportunity we decided to give it a go.
We are in training, but already beginning to book travel from our site. We would be grateful for you to book us as well. Our site usually offers the best going price for flights, hotels, more. We would appreciate you giving us your travel needs business.

I have not posted much lately...been busy training. I hope to get back to it soon. I will be at my DAR convention for the next three days. I need to take some new pics in my studio since I have been finding some fun finds at the thrift shop. So I will be posting those soon.

Book your travel at
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