Thursday, March 10, 2016

                                    Lovely display business cards in an old elegant frame.
                                                          More dollies and other delights!
Top of a china cabinet displaying a bunch of doilies.
Oh so romantic! This is the way family Christmas's should be!
I have been planning to reproduce this delightful Christmas decoration from the movie "Happy Christmas, Mrs King" for awhile. Maybe it will be ready for this year's Christmas!
This is Mrs King riding through town in her sleigh...isn't this a divine scene?
Love this scene in the movie "Merry Christmas Mrs.King." This is the mercantile and it looks very much like my own mercantile that my dearest Tim built for me on the back of my home. One acceptation would be the Canadian flags being displayed across the top of the cabinet. I would and have American flags, of course.
Me with 2 clowns I refer to as my grandsons, Isaac and Eli! Last summer at Waterworld.
"In Jesus Name" was the name of this band of wanna be musicians back in the 1970's. Me, on the left front doning a macrame' and red bead chocker, as was popular in the day. I was the female lead singer. We had some fun times practicing songs to sing for different events in little towns in our Northern California area. Other band members: behind me, Carol Miller, behind her, Jerry Walker, ring leader, to right Lynn Johnston, and Terry Witt, my lil bro. We girls had black top hats that we wore when we traveled....wish I still had mine. No idea what I have done with that hat. 

Well, what-do-ya-know....I am posting on my blog for the first time in ages. Here's Willow adorning my new mask. I love this mask with it's "nanny, nanny" stick out your tongue face.