Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Queens of Hearts

As February draws to an end it is time to put away the Valentines and Romantic lovelies.
This is always hard to do because of the vibrance the Red decorations bring.
They look especially beautiful in my home because of the sage color of the walls as a backdrop. The red just 'pops'.
But until next year...the hearts, red streamers, glittered LOVE letters, and Happy Valentines Day
sign of red foil, my mother's Valentine Scrapbook, Red rose wreath, and all other lovelies will rest in

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Friday, February 23, 2007

God's Unfailing Love

The theme verse says, "Let me hear of your unfailing love to me in the morning, for I am trusting you. Psalms 143:8. This is likely the finished product, unless I decide that I need to add any final touches. A red ribbon bow at the bottom will find it's home on the base.
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Wire basket of spinners

Here they tumble out of a wire basket all ready to find their home on the fronts of the red glitter hearts.
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These little guys are a bit time consuming to make but the outcome is devine!
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Bunches o' Hearts

My oh my do these hearts look lovely with all of the delicious red glass glitter piled on them. There are about 28 of them. They are step one of a final project, which will be posted next.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Box of old Locks

This box of olds locks was a birthday gift to me a couple of weeks ago. They had belonged to my husband's grandfather, Louis. Knowing how I treasure old tings my mother in law gave them to me. This was a very nice surprise. I will treasure this gift always. I am hopeful that my talented husband will build me another display box and I can put them in it for all to see. You see he takes old windows and uses them as the door then builds a cabinet around the window. I will post about this sometime.
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Sunday, February 18, 2007

February Greetings

This is one of the crafts we made at our meeting on Saturday. It is a lovely February Greeting decorated with red glass glitter, some red paper streamer, red tinsel. Since this has general greetings it is good for the whole month, not just Valentines Day. Here it hangs on a wire that goes across the ceiling of my studio.
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Birthday gift...

This vintage crepe paper was partof a birthday gift to me from friend, Karen. Thanks, good friend! It is really brighter than photo shows. The two colors of each you can see are because it is actually two sided paper...very cool. I think I'll make some flowers out of it...although it is hard to cut it up as it looks so pretty right in the package.
For those who noticed the previous posts where the pics are small and there is no text...well there was some kind of error on blogger and it would not let me post when I choose the small pics. So I guess I will not use them again. I was good to get the titles to take. It seems I am always having some kind of issue on here.
The last pics was of Karen and I on a 5 shop excursion as part of a promotional of the five shops in Spokane, WA. We got a gift at each shop, the parts to a little purse of a manicure set. Mine is now in my studio. I used it today! How handy. Maybe I should photograph and post it.
The other two pics are of our MaryJane Farm Chapter making some banners. Judy and Karen working away. The photo of three of us standing in my studio are Brenda (Past Blessings fame), Me, Karen. We had a lovely lunch and then made two crafts. I love to teach crafts and I try to keep lots of supplies on hand so I am always ready to pull something out and create.
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5 Shop Marathon

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Farm Girls Chapter Meeting

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This was a candy box bought Monday at my church thrift shop. It had tacky white lace on it and a silk rose.
I removed the lace and rose, putting some of my old lace on it. Cut a heart from cardboard, painted it red,
then glued glas glitter on the whole thing. I had a picture of this little girl, so I cut her out, added wings
from embossed wall paper, and put a metal red metal bell in her hand. She is ringing in Valentines Day!
Then I cut some words out of a 1907 reproduction Sears catalog. Added some tinsel red wire do-dahs to enhance it.
It turned out so lovely I find myself doing a double take when I see it. Has to be that red glass glitter!
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How Sweet

This little silhouette was bought at a yard sale many years ago. It was plain wood with a light stain on it. So I decided it needed some fixin' up. I painted the little couple black, the base cream. Then I rubbed some stain over the base to antique it (hard to see in this photo). The heart in the background got a piece of vintage sheet music over it and some ageing done to it. I made a red florette and a black one from crepe paper, added glass glitter to them and glued them on. I made tiny strips of crepe paper to make the heart the boy is handing the girl look like a candy box. Then some dots of glitter on it. This photo does not really do it justice. It sits in my queen chair for the photo to be taken.
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Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentine Boxes

These pretty boxes are filled with heart shaped chocolates. I bought them for my family members for their Valentines gifts. Aren't they pretty?
I'd love to have a batch of these stacked up in my studio.
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Double Valentine

Not sure what happened to the post I made on this a bit ago...but it did not show up so here I go again. I bought this double cardstock Valentine a few days ago at my local chruch thrift shop. Isn't it the cutest? It has lots of tape on the top as if a teacher had used it in a classroom for many years. It just screams LOVE to me. So HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all!! This Valentine is for all of my friends how stop by for visit to my blog from time to time.
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My Momma's Childhood Valentines

This old photo ablum is full of Valentines that were given to my sweet mother when she was a child or teenager. She gave the album to me a number of years ago and I do indeed treasure it. Each page is a visual treat. I am always happy for Valentienes Day to arrive every year so I can open the album and display these little treats! And there are no calories to worry about. Thanks, Momma for this lovely gift.
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BLESSED are the pure in heart...

This is the beautiful gift my friend, Brenda, brought to me when we met a few days ago. It is made of leather, can you believe it? It has mica flakes on it, with pink chenille trim all around the edge of the heart. The makedo stands on a wood base with a tulle ribbon tied on. The tag has Brenda's 'Past Blessing' logo on it with a personal message on the back to me.
It graces my fireplace mantel. Thanks, Brenda. Great work of art!
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I got this adorable metal sign at a candle shop on my birthday. My very good friend, Lou, took me out to lunch and we stopped this shop to take a peek...oohh fun stuff inside. They make their own candles there...talk about a wonderful smell...WOW. The sign says LOVE IS...A Glimpse of Heaven.
It sits here on the red chair in my livng room...I call it the queen chair.
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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Lord Is Robed In Majesty Crowns

Here is one of 30 crowns I made for a ladies breakfast at my church in January. The themes for the year are the attibutes of God, first one being His Majesty. Since crowns are all the rage I thought it would be a great chance to design one. The crown was first drawn out, pattern made of paper, then of cardstock. Next I had to cut 60 of them as my cardstock was too thin to be only one thickness. Then they were glued together, two crown pieces to each crown. No easy task, glue everywhere! Put between two boards and clamped. After the glue dried they went to my husbands shop for getting a couple of coats of grayish spray paint, both sides. We both worked on this for several hours. Then came the fun part...the glass glitter getting glued on. After drying came the other embellishments. The banner with the verse on it was printed out on parchment paper and cut. The little black pinwheels are made of crepe paper. I cut 6" strips of streamer crepe paper in half length wise, then made tiny folds back and forth making an accordian. They were then glued and clamped on both sides. After drying they were made into the circle and glued together. After they making 60 of these little buggers...UGH...they were glued onto the banners. Then the glass glitter was glued onto them. After that the banners were glued onto the crowns. I used my own big head (I have lotsa hair) to measure the size to make the crowns...figuring they could fit any large head and be made smaller for smaller heads. They were stapled together.
Then I went to Joanne's and used my half off coupon and bought some black velveteen to sit them on at the tables. They looked quite regal...should after two weeks of working on them! But do as unto the Lord is what I need to remember! They are for sale now for $10.00. I will probably change some of the banners to say other things and have them at upcoming shows along with many of my other creations.
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Brenda's Valentine

This was an imprompto project. I gathered supplies and walked her through it while she worked on the Valentine. Now don't get me wrong she is a talented craftsperson on her own and did not need my instruction, but we were in my studio and using my goods, so I charged ahead with walking her thought the project. As we had spent the day shopping it left our time to craft short. So I did not make any Valentines on this day.
Brenda is the promoter and owner of PAST BLESSINGS ANTIQUE SHOW that has been previously held in Spokane, WA. This year it will be in Fairfield, WA., a small farming community south of Spokane that has hosted the Farm Chicks Show (see current issue of Country Living for more on these gals) in years past. PAST BLESSINGS spring show will be May 18th and 19th. Brenda is also a pig farmer! She has a lovely home full of antiques and homeyness. She loves Red! We both love God, Country, Family. I am glad to have made her acqaintance and to call her my friend. This photo was taken in my studio which is in the basement of my home.
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A Whole Day of Thrift Shopping!

Well, it looks like I have been able to upload a photo. I prayed over this computer and Shazam! It works now.
A few days ago my new friend, Brenda, came over and we spent the day going to our towns thrift shops. We have five of them in this little town...not that's a lotta Junk! Isn't that exciting? We thought so. We both found lotsa goodies. Things for our homes, things for crafting with for resale and gifts. I found some lovely apothecary style jars in this thrift shop we are in. You can see the line of glassware on the wall to the right of me. I had been looking for more jars to put things in for my studio..so this was paydirt for me. Brenda found some shelving for her antique booth in a shop that has booths maintained by individual sellers.
After shopping we were ready to eat. So off to my house for pesto on angelhair pasta. Then to my studio to make some Valentines. Next post will be of Brenda and the Valentine she made and more about her.
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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Problems here

I have tried for days and spent many hours trying to get a photo to post here. Nothing doing! So I may change to another blog place. I have tried reading all of the help issues, but none have what mine is doing. I have asked for help before and it took three weeks for the blog people to get back to me. So for anyone who has checked my blog and thought how boring I am because I have not posted...well I sure would like to. So for now I will just say good night!