Sunday, February 18, 2007

Birthday gift...

This vintage crepe paper was partof a birthday gift to me from friend, Karen. Thanks, good friend! It is really brighter than photo shows. The two colors of each you can see are because it is actually two sided paper...very cool. I think I'll make some flowers out of it...although it is hard to cut it up as it looks so pretty right in the package.
For those who noticed the previous posts where the pics are small and there is no text...well there was some kind of error on blogger and it would not let me post when I choose the small pics. So I guess I will not use them again. I was good to get the titles to take. It seems I am always having some kind of issue on here.
The last pics was of Karen and I on a 5 shop excursion as part of a promotional of the five shops in Spokane, WA. We got a gift at each shop, the parts to a little purse of a manicure set. Mine is now in my studio. I used it today! How handy. Maybe I should photograph and post it.
The other two pics are of our MaryJane Farm Chapter making some banners. Judy and Karen working away. The photo of three of us standing in my studio are Brenda (Past Blessings fame), Me, Karen. We had a lovely lunch and then made two crafts. I love to teach crafts and I try to keep lots of supplies on hand so I am always ready to pull something out and create.
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