Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boys in the Hood?

Huh...two of my darling little grandsons...looking like they are in the hood. They are 6 and 4.
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Beautiful Book of Boxes

This book was bought at Michael's a few days ago. Since I was snow bound I took advantage of the hours at home and put all of the boxes from the book together. Scroll on down to see how they turned out.
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Page Out of the Book

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Pretty Boxes

This is the book of boxes all put together and on display. I was able to use a terrarium with a broken bottom to put them in. I tied a ribbon around it to hold it together. In the middle of the picture of a stack of the tags that were a part of the kit. They are really pretty.
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Little boxes in a can

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My New Birdies

These canaries, who are brothers, came to from Freecycle a few weeks ago. They sing so loud and pretty. It fills my home with song! I just love it. They are also good company for my Parakeets, Jessie and Reckless. I have not named these guys yet.
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

What does 'M' stand for?

Well, at this time fo year it should be Merry Christmas...and it does...but this letter is part of another word I love. Can you guess what it is?
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Candy Cane Striped "THE MERCANTILE"

"M" is for Mercantile.
Oh my...did I ever fall for these delicious letters at Joanne's. I absolutely adore red and white is so CHRISTMASY. I wanted to buy the whole rack of letters...My budget would not allow for that. So then I had to think of what I wanted to spell so I could take some of these letters home with me. I came up with my little business name "THE MERCANTILE" figuring at least I can leave them up all year in my studio. If I spelled out Merry Christmas, then they would have to come down after the sweet holiday.

When I got home with the letters I found that I had missed the 'L,' so I could not even spell it out! ARGH! A few days later on one of hubby's trips into town he went by there and got me the 'L.' He said they are now on sale, only 50 cents each. I do love a sale. I even considered waiting when I bought them until they went on sale...but that would likely mean that all of the letters I would want would be I bought them anyway.

Now if I hung these in my studio for a pic of them, you would have a heard time reading them...admittedly there is a lot in there making it hard to see anything with a pattern. So I hung them on my old theater seats on my back porch. This part of the porch is free of snow because it is pretty far under the eaves.
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Friday, December 19, 2008


Headlines of our local newspaper say it all " Buried." And indeed we were. But today the snow slowed and we even had some sunshine.
Tim was able to get all of the vehicles uncovered and ready to use.
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What is under there?

A car.
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This made me laugh...

watching my daughter's dog, Neptune try to run around in the yard. He was leaping from one place to another.
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What me...playing in the snow?

One happy doggie!
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Street Lights Snow Covered

When I came up to this stop light today I looked to see if it was green or red, it took me a minute to see what it was. Nearly the whole light was covered with snow. So I grabbed my camera and got a shot of it. Yep, I do take my camera with me a never knows when a photo op will present itself!
The roads were not that great, but as long as it is slow goin' one can get around okay.
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We woke up to this...

Lots of snow. This was taken yesterday morning. Then it snowed all day long. It is snowing more this morning...with no end in site.
We are supposed to head for Alaska to spend Christmas with the grandchildren...not sure how the airports will be on Tuesday.
Well, whether we are here in North Idaho or Alaska...we WILL have white Christmas...that is for sure!
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Lots a' snow

Two of our vehicles under the white stuff
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Snowed In !

Yep...we got dumped on big time yesterday. This is my Ford Explorer all covered up with snow. My hubby spent most of the day yesterday trying to dig out our vehicles. He has a truck and a work van, then we have my Explorer and a Ford Taurus...all in pretty deep.
All of the digging out was done by plows.

Records were broken with the snow fall...and more to come.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Warm & Cozy Christmas

This area is so appealing, warm and cozy. It makes me want to cuddle up with my hunk of burnin' love and watch an old Christmas movie while enjoying this lovely corner. I guess I am missing the large trees I put up every year. This year I opted to take a break from the usual craziness of putting up none or ten trees. I had spent several days organizing my Christmas bins this fall and could not bear to take it all out and undo the progress I had made. So when I see a big tree up I am feeling lonely for one in my house. But I do have a small one and lots of greens out, so that will have to do this year. It was actually quite freeing to simplify the decorating this year.
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Swirly Plates

What fun plates to devour a delicate desert on, I must say. I like the red and white ones, of course!
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Winter Wonderland

Eye candy, for sure...another scene at Mel's.
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Reindeer Tree

Ahhh...this tree is so darling with it's tin reindeer faces dangling from the branches.
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Mel's 'Kitchen'

I took about 150 photos in Mel's...couldn't help it...there is so much there to see and shoot. I found this display very "sweet," with it representing a kitchen baking table.
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Simple Greens

Oh...isn't this so pretty to look at? It is another side of Mel's front porch.
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Mel's Front Porch Display

This is near the front door of Mel's...a great shopping adventure
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Front Porch of Mel's

Lots of pretty greenery and of course candy canes on the porch of Mel's Nursery in Spokane, WA.
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Oh so elegant and lovely...more from Target
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