Monday, April 23, 2007

Ready to cook

And cook them I did. My mom used to cook beans with a ham I am a vegetarian I do not use meat with much of anything. So I just added some spices and we ate them. But I found that these lovely little beans caused me much flatulants! I think this is how you spell it. So I told my more for me. I will now only cook them when I am cooking for the family or to take elsewhere. They do look so beautiful and innocent in this crock, huh?
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I cannot tell you when I went through to get these two bags of beans home from California to Idaho recently. I had three pieces of luggage, two to check and one to carry on. Well, as it turned out one of the bags to check was too heavy. So I had to take a bag of beans from it and add it to my carry on. I already had one bag of beans in it. These bags o' beans weighed 5 pounds each! So my carry on (which also had my laptop and other electronics in it ended up being very heavy. Then I forgot to remove my shampoo bottles from carry on and got taken aside and they were removed from my bag...I did feel a bit like a common criminal! Shame on me for having two bottles with me that were 4 ounces each! I do not know what I was thinking. So I had to be escorted (with the examiners hand on my elbow, no less) back around to go through the line again. I had waited in the line for over an hour as it was. Well, this pushed me back enough to miss my flight. I tried to catch a flight four hours later...but it was not to be. I had to have my neice come and get me and I stayed the night at at her house, she lives about 45 minutes away. I scheduled another flight for the next day before leaving the airport.
Would you believe it? The next day when I went to go through the security line I had a small water bottle with me ( always carry this in my purse because I seem to be thirsty ALOT) and it had about 1/2 oz of water in it and the guy would not let me drink it. So I had to throw it away or go through the line again. I use these small bottles all the time and did not want to toss since I had enough time on this round through I just went back through the line. This is a task in itself...take off belt and shoes and put in bin, take out laptop and put in bin, put purse in bin, put carry on on belt and run them all through the xray. Take self through xray. Redress self and move onto where we board. Exhausted!
So here are the cranberry beans. My sister in law had given them to me from one of the local fruit stands in the Sacramento Valley.
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Martha Stewart at Michael's

This flyer was in the Michael's store today when I was in there. You may have seen this same picture in some of the recent decorating magazines as well. I am pretty sure I saw it in MS Living.
On the right is the set of Martha stamps I bought. I was in awe of the beautiful line of products they offered. Lots of labels, stickers, and just about any paper products you could want that relates to scrapbooking or papercrafting.
Many of the color lines are kinda modern...what happened to the Martha Stewart green I love so much? With that said, I still loved the product line. I thought the prices were fair...but be fore warned you CANNOT use your Michael's coupon on Martha's line. I made my comments known on this on the MaryJaneFarm I won't go on about it here.
If you love playing with paper go check it out...too much fun!
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Monday, April 09, 2007

In Memory

This candle is in memory of my father, Lyndell Witt, who passed away today, April 9th. I do have lots of pictures of him, but none are in my computer files. I can't yet access my scanner to scan one in, as we are still not in our office and the scanner is not hooked up to my laptop. So I found this photo I took of a candle burning at Christmas time and thought it would be the best I could do for now. Sadly, the relationship between my father and I has been very strained over the last few years. I did not agreed with most of his life choices as of late and felt they were not the best for anyone concerned. But one cannot control others, so I could not do anything about it. In reality I had been grieving him for the last five years. With that is still hard to have a parent die. Those left will remember him in the early years when he tried to help people. So goodbye, dad.
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My son, Zach

This is my son, Zach, on his 23rd birthday. He wanted Mandarin Orange Salad instead of a cake. Funny kid! So we put candles in the salad and he blew them out! We have this salad at every major family meal. It is easy to make and tastes sooo good. Zach and I have been through alot, but alas he is turning out to be a fine young man that I am proud of. Yippee!
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Funny little flower

This flower bouquet was in the trash at the thrift shop I volunteer at today. I just happened to be standing over it the trash talking to one of the other ladies, I looked down and it spoke to me, "pick me up." So I did. It is that tacky plastic stuff...but it looks so elegant, especially on the black background.
It is those little things in life that keep us going!
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Trunk full of Vintage Crepe Paper

Fortunate for me I got this old suitcase full of vintage crepe paper for free...yes free! We cleaned out a house, that we were actually looking at to buy. Then we did buy it for an investment and there were some treasures left in there. My husband did help the people withclean up and taking trips to the dump. So they said we could have whatever was left. I guess a thrift shop and an auction place had been there...but I betcha a dollar they did not get down and go through the boxes and bags like I did...teehee. I do have to say that I am a scavenger...even though I am a germ-a-phob. Yes, the two can mix. I just keep my hands away from my is getting the germs in my mouth that disgusts me. So it can pay off to get down and dirty. I found most of the treasures in the basement...kinda creepy. This little suitcase is not in the best shape, but what it held is great. Lots of green crepe paper, with some nice other colors mixed in. Plus two boxes with some precut tissue papers to make flowers from. Oh what fun things I will make from these!
There are still some things in the shop there, like old drawers with neat handles...these will be for sale at the Past Blessings Antique Show in May.
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Sunday, April 08, 2007

No Chocolate Bunnies Here!

But I sure do wish there was! Chocolate bunnies that is. This Easter is the first one in my life I was not part of a family dinner. But our house is still in repair no place to have any dinners. But we are very close to having our office back...Tim is building book shelves as I write this. The paint, floors, trim are all done. So we should be able to move desks in tonight and the rest of the office stuff in the next day or two. Good thing as we have so much going on we need to have the house in order. The bedroom is next. The tree that fell did some damage to it, but not too severe, so it should go faster. I picked out a gold color call "Spun Sugar" for the bedroom walls. This should look nice with my soft gold colored comforter. I will paint some of the picture frames in the room black...I think this will look great with the gold walls. Then the carpet will go...thank goodness...I have lived with that blue carpet for 12 years now and hated it the whole time. The pergo flooring will make the room so much more old fashioned and warm. The look in the bedroom will be kinda Victorian, but I like to pretend I live in an old log cabin or farm house with some romantic own style I guess.
Happy Easter to All! He is Risen...He is risen indeed!
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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

We did find the great store called Michael Levine's in the Garment District. This is only one area of trims in the store. I ougled for about an hour and a half in this section...if the store had not closed (I was the last customer left) I might still be in there! There was not time to look at the fabrics. But I was having so much fun in the 'trims' I did not really notice the fabrics until I was leaving. As a wholesale customer I got 20% taken off my purchases...I did not know I was getting this until I checked out! Nice surprise. Well, I have some beautiful trims to use in my this means I need to get to work!
This will happen after the office is finished and I can put my home back in order...hubby is working hard to get it done this weekend. I hope to make some treasures for the Past Blessings Show. I love to create and am very excited about what I might come up with.
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Wall of Masks

This wall of masks was also in the store of wings. Quite a selection!
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Flights of Fancy

This wall of wings was in a shop in the Garment/Fashion District. This is only part of the wings they had to sell...They were so beautiful. My problems was that I had no way to get them home on the plane. My daughter, Brennah, loves this type of thing. They had some really cute lady bug ones. Since we call my daughter 'Brennah Bug,' I thought they would be cute...but she likes more of a dreamy, fairy, vintage look...not the cutsie look of lady bug wings. Anyway...some of the wings looked so authenically like angel they had been made in heaven and sent down. Very realistic. I'd love to have some of these for my studio. Unfortunately, I did not get the name of this shop. I did not realize that we would run out of time. I thought I'd be back by there by the end of the day and I could spend more time here. Not meant to be. So I want to take my daughter, Brennah, I think we should make a road trip in a few months!
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Now that's fabric!

This is my sister in law, Martha, holding up some very fuzzy fabric at one of the shops in the Garment District, Los Angeles. If you have never been there it is a fun outing with lots of fabrics and other goodies to chose from. The fabric in the photo is actually fuzzy pod like shapes on the surface...very bizarre! But we could not resist getting a photo of it.
We did not allow enough time for this shopping adventure, even though we were there all day. I hope to return some day to the Garment District.
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oh so lovely Laundry hamper

Isn't this cute? It was sitting outside of a cozy styled strip mall in front of a little vintage clothing store near Venice Beach. I could not resist taking a photo of it to share. This would be pretty easy to make and has a romantic appeal.
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French General...I was there, but nobody home

Well, after searching for and finding the French General Store I arrived after they closed for the day. I called but the answering machine said they sometimes leave at around was about 3:10. So I was very disappointed. Had I known I was actually going to be able to get there I would have called to let them know I was coming and to hold the doors. May sound presumptuous, but the message machine said to call ahead if coming from a distance and they would try to accommodate...I came from Idaho to Hollywood. My traveling companions (family members) were not all that thrilled with this stop so I did not push it. But if I ever get back down there I will try again...think I will take someone who wants to go to the same places I want to.
For those of you not familiar with French General...they have written a decorating book "The French Inspired Home," which I have recently bought and liked. So I wanted to see the store it was based out of. I did try to see in the windows...but could not because of the bushes. We are still having snow here in No. Idaho and this is evident by looking at the color of my legs...white as snow! I did not see too many people in So. California as white as I was.
It does feel good to be home. Hubby got the whole in the roof fixed while I was gone, as was planned. He painted the office a bit ago and the wood floors go in tomorrow. I will be so happy to be moved back in to my office. My house is in such dissorder with office stuff everywhere, but the office! Then the bedroom gets repaired, including tearing out the carpet and putting in new floors and paint. Yippee!
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