Wednesday, April 04, 2007

French General...I was there, but nobody home

Well, after searching for and finding the French General Store I arrived after they closed for the day. I called but the answering machine said they sometimes leave at around was about 3:10. So I was very disappointed. Had I known I was actually going to be able to get there I would have called to let them know I was coming and to hold the doors. May sound presumptuous, but the message machine said to call ahead if coming from a distance and they would try to accommodate...I came from Idaho to Hollywood. My traveling companions (family members) were not all that thrilled with this stop so I did not push it. But if I ever get back down there I will try again...think I will take someone who wants to go to the same places I want to.
For those of you not familiar with French General...they have written a decorating book "The French Inspired Home," which I have recently bought and liked. So I wanted to see the store it was based out of. I did try to see in the windows...but could not because of the bushes. We are still having snow here in No. Idaho and this is evident by looking at the color of my legs...white as snow! I did not see too many people in So. California as white as I was.
It does feel good to be home. Hubby got the whole in the roof fixed while I was gone, as was planned. He painted the office a bit ago and the wood floors go in tomorrow. I will be so happy to be moved back in to my office. My house is in such dissorder with office stuff everywhere, but the office! Then the bedroom gets repaired, including tearing out the carpet and putting in new floors and paint. Yippee!
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