Monday, April 09, 2007

In Memory

This candle is in memory of my father, Lyndell Witt, who passed away today, April 9th. I do have lots of pictures of him, but none are in my computer files. I can't yet access my scanner to scan one in, as we are still not in our office and the scanner is not hooked up to my laptop. So I found this photo I took of a candle burning at Christmas time and thought it would be the best I could do for now. Sadly, the relationship between my father and I has been very strained over the last few years. I did not agreed with most of his life choices as of late and felt they were not the best for anyone concerned. But one cannot control others, so I could not do anything about it. In reality I had been grieving him for the last five years. With that is still hard to have a parent die. Those left will remember him in the early years when he tried to help people. So goodbye, dad.
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Beemoosie said...

I'm sorry I didn't catch this earlier. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your honest way of looking at life is admirable (not to mention healthy, eh?!) God bless you.

Beach Girl said...

And my prayers are with you as well.


Hands That Touch said...

Mom and Dad contacted me on Monday and let me know about your Dad. I'm so sorry -in many ways. I agree that your honest way of looking at this really is admirable. My love to you and the family. Much love, your cousin, Lorraine

Homestead Mercantile said...

Thanks for your comments gals...and what a surprise to see a post from my cousin Lorraine.
I did not really think any of my family really read my blog.
Beach girl and Beemosie you are always soo sweet. Thanks again.