Sunday, March 25, 2007 we come!

Here is a picture of me with some of my family members. I am on vacation in Hollywood. Just so happens that I came to California to see my mom while my husband fixes our roof. The weather has gotten good enough for Tim to tear off the end of the house where the tree came down on us this winter and repair the roof. I will be so glad to have this fixed and have my home back to normal with a new office as a result! I am in the back row with tan shirt on, dark hair. This is off of my nephew. Coy's balcony, he lives on block off of Hollywood Bvld. I would not want to live here...but it is fun to experience at least once.
Once in California, I spent a few days with my mom then my sister joined us and we drove to So. California to visit my nephew, who lives here. His parents and sister had planned on coming this same weekend, so we made a mini family retreat of it. Part of our group has now gone home and it is time for the girls to do some fun things in L.A. So tomorrow we plan to go to the Fashion District to have a look around. We will visit the beach and probably China Town before heading for home on Wed. I will fly back to Idaho on Saturday.
So I may not post any new pics until then...depending on where I can get Internet service. But I have alot of things around the house I want to talk about and show you all. So I will be doing this soon. I did take some photos of my studio, but the light was not good and so I need to redo them.
I will also be getting ready for the Past Blessings Antique Show and may post some of what I will offer..but not to much as I want there to be new things for shoppers to see first hand.
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Isn't she lovely?

I found this doll head at the Vintage Rabbit Antique Store in Spokane, Washington on Friday. I wandered around in there for over an hour just enjoying all of the wonderful pieces of our past.
But this doll head spoke to me and I had to take her home. The lady at the counter says she collects dolls and has one similar to this one. She thought it was well over a hundred years old. Probably from the last part of the 1880's. Now I have to find some 'parts' to complete her. She will need legs, arms and a cloth body. Then some cloths. Are we ever too old to play with dolls? Hope not! Anyway, her name is Elizabeth and she sits in my studio while she waits to be completed.
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Saturday, March 10, 2007

What is tall, green, pretty? These cute boxes!

I believe these great looking canisters were gift boxes at one time. I think they are probably from the 1960's or 1970's by looking at the design on them. The design is neat, but not really my personal they will get covered with some vintage sheet music. I have some very, very old music books that I found at a yard sale about 10 years ago. I have used them on a very few special projects over the years...but I think these cans have held up well and they deserve the special old sheet music. Plus the music books are tall and the sheets will fit perfectly on these tall cans. The end caps are painted a smoothe sage color! After I cover them I will add some vintage doo dahs of interest. Then they can be ready to hold whatever may find it's way into my studio that may need a place to land.
I will post pictures of them after they are covered and decorated. So watch for them. Oh and I will keep the labels on them...this makes them so quaint and look like they might be right from a Mercantile shelf...which is the look I am after.
I got these boxes at the thrift shop I volunteer at. I am so blessed to be able to volunteer there. I do it for my Lord is one small way I can give back for all He has done for me. AND finding treasures is one of the perks of spending time there. It is a also fun! I really do enjoy myself there.
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The Lord Is My Shepherd

This lovely vintage embroidered piece was found a few years ago at a yard sale. I put it in a black frame to make it really stand out. It has the best message...Jesus holding the little sheep. It hangs in my downstairs hallway...near to my studio.
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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sweet Little chicky

This little wooden sign was a Michael's find a few years back. I hung it outside for the photo...but buurrr it is still freezing out I moved it to the front door to greet those who come to visit. There it at least has the storm door to protect it. Can't have frozen chicks...which reminds me of a little story.
When I was about 7 a friend gave me two little baby chicks...not sure why...but I love birds so I must have expressed an interest in having some. Anyway, we had them in a box in the house, but they made so much noise chirping at night that my mom said they had to go out onto the back porch at night from now on.
Such a sad thing it was when I went out to check on them little chickies the next morning and they were both dead! Poor little things had froze to mom didn 't know anything about keep chicks either, I guess. I was devastated! I cried. Pretty traumatic for a 7 year old who likes birdies. Now I know they have to be under a heat lamp until they are older. It never got that cold there in the Sacramento Valley...but too cold for little chickies.
On that note...Happy Easter...don't put your little chickies outside!
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Friday, March 02, 2007

Mail Box holder

Weather permitting I take walks around my neighborhood
about five days a week. I have learned to take my camera because I always
seem to see things that capture my interest...then I'd think oh I
wish I had my camera to get shot to help me remember this or that.
This iron wheel holding mail boxes was what I saw today that I liked.
This old wheel may not be moving a wagon any longer, but
in it's own way it moves the mail from the Post Office to the home
of the recipient.
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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bunny Bag

I got this cute little bunny bag at the church thrift shop where volunteer.
His job appears to be to hold items of some sort. The collar opens up and walla
there is a pocket for goodies. Thought it might be a clothspin bag, but then his
little ears would have to be hung on a line holding those heavy wooden pins.
I think this would hurt the little guy.
So I wonder if maybe he was for hose...those nylons stockings ladies
used to wear before pantyhose came along. At any rate he will hang around
in my studio and keep a watch out.
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Easter Joys

Lovely little box I picked at a gift shop a few days ago. Behind the green bow
is a bunny with a paint brush painting his own Easter egg. Mica flakes add a whimsical touch.
The bottom of the box is a wonderful dark spring green.
I have some very precious memories of Easter Sunday's growing up.
My mother always made my sister and I new dresses. Of course we had to get our white patten leather
shoes and a little purse too. New white socks with a lace trim were also part of the look.
Some years there was a bonnet to adorn our outfit. I may see if I can find a photo of me and my siblings all dressed up to post this month. Oh such sweet memories...
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Hippety Hop Easter's On It's Way

This old ceramic egg has the sweetest roses painted on the top. I filled it with some really pretty soft Spring colored eggs. It is on a small decorative table in my living room. Even there is still snow on the ground outside...I feel Spring coming. Besides I like to get a jump on the next holidays decorating so I really enjoy them for as long as possible. So I will post a few of the things I have up in the house.
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