Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bunny Bag

I got this cute little bunny bag at the church thrift shop where volunteer.
His job appears to be to hold items of some sort. The collar opens up and walla
there is a pocket for goodies. Thought it might be a clothspin bag, but then his
little ears would have to be hung on a line holding those heavy wooden pins.
I think this would hurt the little guy.
So I wonder if maybe he was for hose...those nylons stockings ladies
used to wear before pantyhose came along. At any rate he will hang around
in my studio and keep a watch out.
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Beach Girl said...

The Bunny Bag....those words bring back wonderful memories. My mom had a canvas bag with a big bunny face on the front; it was cute. Every time she'd come to see the boys, she would have a little something in it for them. They looked forward to the bunny bag and what surprises it held. As time when on it became the "Bubba Bag" and remains so today even now that they are teens. When my oldest was just learning to talk my mom would refer to herself as Grandma. He could not say that, so it became "Bubba" to him. All the grandchildren call her that, a name which she loves.

Thanks for posting your Bunny Bag!


Beach Girl said...

Yes, that should have been "went." I had not yet had my second cup of coffee, LOL. :-)