Saturday, February 18, 2006

Homestead Mercantile

Homestead Mercantile
I get so busy making things and reading the forums on MaryJanes Farmgirls Connection that I forget to blog.
I never have been very good about staying with a diary. It seems that whenever I sat down to write it was when the day is done and I am so tired my brain has started to shut down for a night time rest.
This past couple of weeks have brought some finished projects along. First my Kindred Spirits Farmgirl Chapter met to make and complete lovely Valentine boxes. They were fashioned after one I bought. It was a Nicole Sayre design. I love the things she comes up with. All of the Chapter gals came up with some darling designs. One gal made five of them for her children. I made two, but never gave them away. I never got to the store to buy some candy for them, so they just decorated my mantel. I made some glass glittered hearts to hang over my front window along with my LOVE which was also glittered. It looked very old fashioned.
This week our Chapter gals went on a field trip to check out some of the cute shops in Spokane and out to lunch. Our favorite shop is Cabbage Flat Mercantile in Spokane Valley. We all found things to buy there. I never leave there without something. On our way back to Idaho we ended up taking the long way around and kinda got lost but it was a beautiful drive through the farmlands on the outskirts of Spokane at dusk. I had brought my camera and found a great little farm to take a photo of. It is not digital though so I do not have it to post. Then we had to stop by Rocket Bakery for a cinnamon roll and coffee. The last stop of the day was Value Village. A few things were found there as well. I bought a bag that had a child's crown in it and some cookie cutters, which I collect. We had great fun.
Today I finished up 26 centerpieces that I made for a ladies event at my church. The theme is 'Joy,' so we used the verse "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord." I made treble clefs from sheet music card stock. They stand about 10" tall. I dyed them with Walnut ink crystals. They are double sided so they can be viewed from either side. There is a banner on each side as well that states the theme verse. I also made wire stand for the treble clefts to stand in. The final touch was to put glass glitter all around the edges. They look very vintage. I love to work with glitter.
This is all I can write for noww, as the brain is fading. Burrr is it ever cold here in the Northwest.