Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our Gang

Well, here is my family in the back yard of our home here in No. Idaho. My four children are behind us in he back row, with the grandchildren on our laps and in front of us. The kids all belong to Sarah, in the blue shirt. Her husband is in the military and was not able to join them coming down from Alaska this trip. My other three children have no children.
On this day was had a family bbq and time together playing in the yard. It was great to have all of my babies together, which does not happen all that often any more. I hope someday we can all live near one another so we can have more of these occasions.
The Alaska gang has gone back home, things have settled down around here. It has taken me all the rest of the week to clean around here...shew, five kids can sure make a mess! But I would do it again to have them here. We sure miss them.
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Robin and the Doll Heads

This is my friend, Robin, who was also a vendor at the Vintage Barn Sale. We did some trading of goods and I ended up with the suitcase of old dolly heads...oh the wheels are churning as to what I will do with them. She bought several pieces of my chenille and traded for some as well. The trading was so fun, as I got things I would have normally paid for, like two bouquets of flowers.
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Olde Windows at Barn Sale

We had some of our collection of old windows at the Vintage Barn Sale. We have been collecting them over the years with the intent of doing some great project with them. Alas, it never happened. Since Tim is a glazer he gets these old windows from time to time when he does a change out from old to new. So we began stock piling them. We sold about half of what we brought. Since they were along the back fence behind us I think they were not as noticable to customers or we would have sold them all. They were only $7.00 each. Tim just did not want to being any back home. But we had some left.
I will have them at the sales I am having here at my little antique sale in the next few weeks. No date as of yet, as I am still going through and purging stuff.
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The right side of my booth at Vintage Barn Sale

A real hit in my booth was the vintage chenille from the 1960's. My grandparents had a Chenille Shop in Anderson, California for a few years. My parents funded the business, then grandparents ran it. When the shop closed there was lots of unsold chenille, so over the years it was moved around, handed out to kids and grandkids alike. My dad gave me the last of it a couple of years back before he passed away. I ended up with two boxes of bath mats and toilet seat covers, that I brought to the sale. It sold very well and I have but a few pieces left. I still have some bedspreads in my linen closet that I will likely sell soon.
Normally I would not sell these, as I am a keeper of family items...but these brightly colored pieces are not my taste (I will never use them) and are heavy to move around. Not to mention the room they take up to store. Since we are in the purging mode now, thought it best to sell these pieces of my past and let someone else enjoy them.
I did take photos of all of the pieces I sold before I took them to the at least I have those if I want to remember this time in my life. My daughter, Sarah, did go through and pick out some pieces she liked before the sale, so she will have some.
BTW...the name of the shop was: Witt's Chenille Shop. I do have some pictures and will post them someday.
I had a teal peacock bathrobe. Wish I new where it was, this I would keep. My mom had the same and I do have a small piece of her her bathrobe in a keepsake box. I think it wore out and she saved the parts that were left to make something out of. I may make a pillow or something and give it to one of my kids someday.
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Front of booth at Vintage Barn Sale

My booth was at the front of the house, thankfully in the lawn, where it was cooler. This tent was so nice to have, many people did not have any tent at all, so I felt fortunate, indeed. It stayed pretty cool inside of the tent, so people liked coming into my booth for the shade factor.
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Left side of my booth

The drying rack was loaded with linens...many I did not even get priced, but they sold pretty well.
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Barn Sale Brings out the Farm Girls

Here I am in my booth at the Vintage Barn sale with two MaryJaneFarm girls...from the forum that is. Here is Huckleberrywine and Katmom, with me in the middle.
It was great to have lots of people I knew come by to visit and shop. Thanks farm girls!
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Saturday, July 05, 2008

My honey's birthday

We celebrated Tim's big day at the parade and then out to lunch at Olive Garden. Pretty simple day, which is just what Tim wanted...No stress! He even got to take a nap in the afternoon. Happy Birthday, honey!
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Red Hot Mama's

Here is a pic of our local gals...the Red Hot Mama's in the 4Th of July parade yesterday. These gals have been together for years and been to some major parades, including The Inauguration parade in Washington, DC. But sadly the founder is getting tired and wants to their run is now coming to an end. I believe that yesterday was their last performance. They have added a delightful touch to our parades every July 4Th and at the Christmas Festival of Lights Parade. They will be sorely missed. Thanks for the memories, Red Hot Mamas!
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Friday, July 04, 2008

Vintage Barn Antique Sale

Coming next weekend...Saturday, July 12th is the much anticipated Vintage Barn Antique Sale, from 9 AM to 4 PM.
I am a vendor at this sale...and boy have I been cleaning out goodies...My booth will be in the field behind the fence, so come and find me.
There is a great group of vendors bringing a variety of wonderful goods to this sale. You will not want to miss it!
The setting for this sale is perfect. Rolane's turn of the century farm house sits on a beautiful ten acres, with barns and out buildings to as to this delightful landscape. Shade trees will cover the food vendors. After shopping folks are welcomed to sit, eat, and enjoy the music in this down right country ambiance. Looking all around you can see nothing but lush green hills, trees, mountains. You will not be dissappointed, I promise!

For this sale I will have mostly collectibles...a few hand made items, but I am saving most of them for the September sale. Yes, we will be there again in September...after Rolane's farmette appears in Country Living magazine.

To get to the sale...just google the address on the above flyer. It is pretty easy to find and a beautiful drive. See you there.
I may not post much until after this show reserving my time for preparations.
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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sweet rose

My darling husband just came in a bit ago and brought me this rose. I put it in an old galvanized container with a spout, may have been for puttin' oil in a tractor. Yesterday was our 13Th Anniversary, thus the reason for this lovely gift. A day late, but no complaints from me. He used to bring me a rose on every 2ND day of the month, because we met on the 2ND day of the month. That was when we were dating and even some after marriage. But as time wore on that little tradition tightened up and life just got busy.

So it was a great surprise when he came in with this pretty pink rose. We are both cheap and any more would rather pick a rose in a garden than buy one. Give me the money spent on a bouquet of roses...maybe I can find an old goodie for my house with it. This is even what he told the florist, "She'd rather have the money than a bouquet." He is right! But still this token was a sweet treat. I love it.

Not been posting to much...getting ready for the Vintage Barn Antique Sale in Rathdrum on Sat, July 12TH. I have lots of linens and they needed ironing up and mending. So this has kept me pretty busy. I will also have old windows, china dishes, chenille, and much more in my booth.

Tomorrow is Tim's birthday...yep, he was born on Independance Day! So we are heading to the parade and then I think out to lunch. We do have a great parade in downtown Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. Very Normal Rockwell. Not sure what else we'll do during the day. He may want to go fishin.' It should be cooler tomorrow...the heat has been too much for me the last couple of days. So a reprieve will be welcomed. I am happy not to be driving my ice cream truck this year...first year for a long time I have not had to work. The 4th of July is my best sales day all season. But since the truck is for sale there is no ice cream in it to sell. I am good with it. I will love the chance to just be with my honey. Only one son is available, so he will come over later in the day.
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