Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our Gang

Well, here is my family in the back yard of our home here in No. Idaho. My four children are behind us in he back row, with the grandchildren on our laps and in front of us. The kids all belong to Sarah, in the blue shirt. Her husband is in the military and was not able to join them coming down from Alaska this trip. My other three children have no children.
On this day was had a family bbq and time together playing in the yard. It was great to have all of my babies together, which does not happen all that often any more. I hope someday we can all live near one another so we can have more of these occasions.
The Alaska gang has gone back home, things have settled down around here. It has taken me all the rest of the week to clean around here...shew, five kids can sure make a mess! But I would do it again to have them here. We sure miss them.
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GardenGoose said...

looks like a very nice family gathering..glad you got to spend time with most of your crew.
hope you have a lovely week.