Sunday, July 20, 2008

The right side of my booth at Vintage Barn Sale

A real hit in my booth was the vintage chenille from the 1960's. My grandparents had a Chenille Shop in Anderson, California for a few years. My parents funded the business, then grandparents ran it. When the shop closed there was lots of unsold chenille, so over the years it was moved around, handed out to kids and grandkids alike. My dad gave me the last of it a couple of years back before he passed away. I ended up with two boxes of bath mats and toilet seat covers, that I brought to the sale. It sold very well and I have but a few pieces left. I still have some bedspreads in my linen closet that I will likely sell soon.
Normally I would not sell these, as I am a keeper of family items...but these brightly colored pieces are not my taste (I will never use them) and are heavy to move around. Not to mention the room they take up to store. Since we are in the purging mode now, thought it best to sell these pieces of my past and let someone else enjoy them.
I did take photos of all of the pieces I sold before I took them to the at least I have those if I want to remember this time in my life. My daughter, Sarah, did go through and pick out some pieces she liked before the sale, so she will have some.
BTW...the name of the shop was: Witt's Chenille Shop. I do have some pictures and will post them someday.
I had a teal peacock bathrobe. Wish I new where it was, this I would keep. My mom had the same and I do have a small piece of her her bathrobe in a keepsake box. I think it wore out and she saved the parts that were left to make something out of. I may make a pillow or something and give it to one of my kids someday.
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GardenGoose said...

oh wow..what pretty chenille pieces.
love the bright yellow.