Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pretty flowers

Read on to see where these came from...
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Today I was a guest at the farm house
of Rolane Hopper, who is the creator
of the Vintage Barn outdoor antique sale.
Today's event was a tea party
put on by Rolane for the
vendors of her upcoming
She was a lovely hostess
and welcomed us all into her home
and yard.
Fun was had by all. I think there
were about 20 to 25 ladies in attendance.
It was good to see old friends and meet
some new ones. Thanks, Rolane for all of your hard work!
I look forward to the Vintage Barn Antique Show on July 12th.
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Oh I fell for this sign...well, since I drive an ice
cream truck, why wouldn't I?
But we are family of huge ice
cream lovers from my own mother
down to the great grandchildren.
The sign is part of the decor in
Rolane's home. Which is so lovely,
I might add. Very warm and welcoming.
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Delectable, indeed!

These caught my eye because I love
red and white together. Who'd a thought
to use peppermint candy sticks in the summer?
I loved it! I'm gonna use that idea.
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This is EXACTLY what we did
for about 3 1/2 hours, graze and talk,
graze and talk. It was the best.
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These were take home gift
boxes for the sweet!
As if this was needed with that spread
of great food. Great basket, huh?
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More YUM
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In this corner of the porch-
tea bags, fresh lemons & limes,
peppermint sticks, orange,
lemon and berry sticks for
sweetening teas, cookies,
flowers...too much to choose
from, I must say. Oh what
lovely job Rolane has done in welcoming her guests.
I know she will do a great job with putting on the
Vintage Barn Show.
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Oh, I love that large ice cream freezer
on this table. Served on
this kitchen table is the
teas, brownies, little
chocolate cupcakes,
strawberries, the biggest
blackberries I have ever seen,
and more. Click on photo to
make larger.
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Lemon-aid, strawberries,
organic bottled lemon-aid,
fruit cabobs, flowers &
pretty glassware
grace this corner.
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Fruit Cabobs in
lovely depression
glass pitchers
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Food table...YUM
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Finger Sandwiches,
Cream Puffs and Little Cakes
grace this farm table in
one corner of the porch.
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Now that's some tea cups!

This table was set with tea cups and saucers
for the vendors who are participating in the
Vintage Barn Sale on July 12th in Garwood, Idaho.
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Zach The Champ!

Here I pose with my baby boy, Zach, and his
UFC (Ultimate Fighting) belt. He won it on
Friday night by decision.
It was quite show for the crowd, I think the
people got their money's worth. Zach is quite
the showman. Not sure if it recorded or not.
If I find out it was I will put up a link.
But for now, Congratulations, Precious!
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Welcome to my cabin..

Well, not really, but I wish.
I just had to pose for this and
pretend this was my very own little
cabin. I could done a prairie dress
and bake some bread. I would use
the bread dough mixer as is in post
further on down.

Oh, dreaming...
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Laundry calling...

Outside of the forrester's cabin at the
Fort Sherman Museum are the laundry
facilities...Shoo, aren't we fortunate today to
have our laundry rooms so convenient.
I really liked the stick in the can...I am guessing
the stick is for stirring the clothes up in the wash
tub. If I am wrong, someone correct me.
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Coffee can candle holder

I was intrigued by this decorating
feature...what a great idea.
Now that is making use of everything.
Somebody was using their head
when they came up with this idea.
I want to make some of these...
I am not kidding! I probably will.
They would be great on my back porch.
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Now that's a clothes line!

Just a rope and some wooden
clothes pins...simple, but effective.
Oh the days of simplicity!
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Cabin dweller with pipe

This photo was on the wall in the
forresters cabin at the Fort Sherman
Museum in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.
I think the frame is so beautiful,
like a work of art.

Kitchen view

Here is a better photo of the kitchen area
of the forester's cabin.
What a wonderful stove.
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Forrester's Cabin

This little cabin is part of the Fort Sherman
Museum, located on the now North Idaho
College grounds.
This cabin is very primitive and I felt right at
home here. It would be great fun to have one
of these cabins on some back acreage to
"play house" in. Silly, huh?
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Can you guess what this is?

It is an odd looking thing, huh?

It has to do with what we here in
Idaho are known for...

Can you guess?

It is a potato planter.

What a great looking tool!

I have never seen one before,
have you?

Leave a post if you have....
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Wash Day Blues

Check out this old washing machine.
It was on display at the North Idaho
Museum, in the kitchen area.
I think it would be great on a granny
back porch with some plants around it
or in it.
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