Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hand Crank Ice Cream Maker

Farm Chicks Show...
I saw this old thing in a booth and had to have it.
I had one like it before moving to Idaho
16 years ago. But sold it cause I was running
out of room to fit 'stuff' in the moving van....
That was one of the stupidist
things I have ever done! I have
regretted it every since. I let my
brother talk me into selling the one
I had. Dumb, dumb.
Anyway, I have done w/o one all
these years. Although I have to say
I do have an old electric one that I use
every summer. It looks very old, but is
just electric.
I wanted this hand crank one because
this is the kind we had growing up.
The kids took turns turning the crank.
I have great memories of the gatherings
we had as a family or church group while
making homemade ice cream using one of these things.
The electric one I use is in an old white wood bucket. I think it is getting ready
to "kick the bucket" because it is having problems churning now.
Now I have a backup!
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