Thursday, June 12, 2008

Primitive Bread Dough Machine

Farm Chicks Show...
I did not know what this was when
I first saw it, but I knew I loved it.
It has that old patina that I am drawn to.
But it says right on the tip Bread Dough
Maker. The dough maker turns the hand
crank and mixes the dough up...just like
that! There is even a clamp to attach it
to a table or counter.
If I had room I would attach it to a counter
and leave it there for display...but it is pretty
large and there is not room for such a thing on
any counter in my kitchen.
I already have the counters lined with so much
stuff that my dh complains about it from time to
But one day I hope to have the kitchen of my
dreams and will make sure I build it big
enough to allow for this large dough maker to
go on the counter.
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