Thursday, June 12, 2008

Head Piece

Farm Chicks Show...
I am not sure how old this piece is,
but it is very falling apart
fragile. I think the top piece was attached
to the top front of a ladies head and the
lacey part laid down the back of the head/
hair. This pictures does not do this piece
justice. I took it after dark and the lighting
in my house is not the best for photos.
It would be fun to reproduce this piece...
sometimes I buy old things like this so
I can reproduce them. Since this one is
too fragile to actually use, a new made
to look like it could be worn without fear
of it falling apart.
I do have a very nice collection of old
and vintage laces, so someday I will
get them out and make a copy of this
lovely piece for myself to wear.
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