Friday, October 24, 2008

Pen Work

I have always loved to write, so when I found this pen work online I was thrilled. I found one site that offered a CD and copied printed pages of this book for sale. Then with further research I found the very same book offered for free. So I printed out the whole book right from my own pc. Yes, I did use up some ink, but even with the cost of ink I am sure I did not use $28.00 worth, which was the cost of the printed pages and the DVD in the previously found website. So I am one happy camper.

The photo here is how my pages look. After shooting this photo I put all of the pages in plastic protector sheets and put in them a black binder. So now I can easily refer to these pages often. The next two posts are pages from the same site...check them out.
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Jesus is the ONE...

not only is he "the one"...this drawing is "one"-one long line that is, with no breaks in it. Can you believe that? I found this drawing to be awe inspiring. I got out my handy dandy magnifying glass to follow the lines myself to see that it is indeed "one long line." It starts at his nose and goes around and around to the end. What a talented artist this was.
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Penned bird

This is just one of the drawings in the Pen Work book...I happen to adore birds, so all of the birdie drawings are my favoritist ones!
Oh to have the time to learn to do this...mental note-add it to my "learn to do before I meet my maker list."
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yummy dried apples

Some of my old blue canning jars hold the apples and pears I dried over the last few days.
I did not have that many pieces of fruit to dehydrate, so these will be good for only a few snacks.
Next year, I will try to get more on the ball and prepare better.
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Cherry Tomato Bounty

Believe it or not these three jars are what my large bounty of cherry tomatos dried down to. It took lots of tomatoes to fill these jars. I do hope that they come in handy this winter on pizza or whatever we use them in.
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Beautiful Writing

This loveliness is from an old book I have. I have always loved handwriting. As a teenager I would spend hours practicing my hand writing. My great grandfather was a penmanship teacher, and my father had beautiful hand writing, so I came by the love of hand writing naturally. Now I am not that crazy about my own handwriting, but I do wish I wrote better. I have tried calligraphy, but that is one of those things you need to stay with and practice. I hope to pick this up again and work on it.
Part of the handwriting that was done in the "old days" included the curvy drawing you can see in the pages of the book above. I think it is so charming.
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh My...yummy pie

I went light on dinner tonight so I could have some pie and ice cream...Tim went off to bed and so by the time I was ready for this treat I was in my office all alone looking at blogs. To take the chill of I also made me a cup of hot chocolate...boy was I full be the time I got all of this down. But boy was it good.
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Autumn Pods

I am not sure what these are, but on my walk one day this week I found some and picked them. The look very 'fallish.' I put them in an old tea cup and then on the table in the kitchen.
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Monday, October 13, 2008

One corner of the fireplace in our living room
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Two apple pies for a buck!

Yep, that was the cost for these two babies! How did that happen? Well, I got the apples for free. The other day I noticed apples on a small tree on a lot we own. I was able to pick up a few off of the ground and the remaining ones from the tree. Most of them had either worm holes or some other blemish. But with my handy dandy knife I cut off all the bad and put together enough for two pies. There were enough left for some drying as well.
So we had apple pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert tonight. The ice cream cost more than the two pies. I had not baked a pie in years...and boy was my hubby happy that I did!
Reminds me of the old days when I used to make apples sauce by the gallons to can. I'd put together a pie every now and then as well. The kids were so easy to please, I could make just about anything with the apples from the trees we had then and they would eat it. But the applesauce was a favorite. In those days we had several apples trees on the property we lived on, so the pickin' was easy.
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Olde Dictionary

This old dictionary has a be torn up and repasted onto unsuspecting items. Read on to see what.
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Plain ol' head

This lovely lady was a find at my thrift store. I knew I could make her into something a little more attractive, so I took her home.
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Daugther Of The King

This is how she turned out...she proudly wears a crown, as any princess should. This is a reminder that I am indeed a daugther of King thankful for this. Anyway, this head will have a home in my studio.
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BINGO in a Jar

These cards are a find from one of the thrift shops I frequent last week in Coeur d' Alene. They look rather pretty in a large jar in my studio. One more jar for my future olde fashioned Mercantile...which I hope to have one day.
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Coke Cola Bingo

Here is a closeup of one of the vintage Coke Cola Bingo cards. Can't wait to play a game of Bingo with my grandchildren...albeit that might be awhile. They are so far away from here...sad face.
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B I N G O Cards

Here is the whole batch of the Coke Cola Bingo cards with wood markers.
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Friday, October 10, 2008

Such A Deal!

These mini alphabet stampers were in the $1 bins at Michael's this week. They are all different fonts. I could not pass up such a good deal.
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Lovely Ribbon

I just love this ribbon I found at Michael's this week. They were having a sale on the Christmas ribbons, so Yippee for me I got the rolls for $1.50 each. There is a total of 36 feet on each roll.
The photo shows how they came on the roll, with one roll already wrapped onto wood spools.
This ribbon is so very old fashioned and is cotton or at least the apprearance thereof.
The colors are great!
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Cotton Ribbon on Spools

Here's how the wood spools look with the ribbon rolled onto them. I added a little stain on them to make them look older.
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