Monday, October 20, 2008

Beautiful Writing

This loveliness is from an old book I have. I have always loved handwriting. As a teenager I would spend hours practicing my hand writing. My great grandfather was a penmanship teacher, and my father had beautiful hand writing, so I came by the love of hand writing naturally. Now I am not that crazy about my own handwriting, but I do wish I wrote better. I have tried calligraphy, but that is one of those things you need to stay with and practice. I hope to pick this up again and work on it.
Part of the handwriting that was done in the "old days" included the curvy drawing you can see in the pages of the book above. I think it is so charming.
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PLO said...

I too am drawn to beautiful writing! I long to find a teacher who can teach me old script! Practice and a good pen makes perfect! Thanks for sharing!