Sunday, October 12, 2008

Two apple pies for a buck!

Yep, that was the cost for these two babies! How did that happen? Well, I got the apples for free. The other day I noticed apples on a small tree on a lot we own. I was able to pick up a few off of the ground and the remaining ones from the tree. Most of them had either worm holes or some other blemish. But with my handy dandy knife I cut off all the bad and put together enough for two pies. There were enough left for some drying as well.
So we had apple pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert tonight. The ice cream cost more than the two pies. I had not baked a pie in years...and boy was my hubby happy that I did!
Reminds me of the old days when I used to make apples sauce by the gallons to can. I'd put together a pie every now and then as well. The kids were so easy to please, I could make just about anything with the apples from the trees we had then and they would eat it. But the applesauce was a favorite. In those days we had several apples trees on the property we lived on, so the pickin' was easy.
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