Saturday, August 22, 2009

What am I drinkin'?

Just goats milk. I think this might be the second time I tried it. The last time was about 26 years ago. It was okay. I would like to try and make homemade ice cream with it. Scroll down to see me actually milk a goat.
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Shirley gets milked

Here is Cathy of "Gustafson Farm" (not sure they really call it that) milking her goat, Shirley. We went to visit our long time friends, Mark, Cathy and daughter Hannah Gustafson, at their new place. Their home is on six acres. There is a barn for the goats, two horses, rabbits, & cats. A chicken coop for their brood.
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Goat Milkin'

Here I am giving it a try...I could get the hang of this in no time. Now I just need my little farm a and goat to milk of my own.
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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bottle Cap FIsh

We strolled around the grounds of North Idaho College for Art of the Green this past weekend checkin' out the art there. I found the creator of these fish & roosters to be one of my favorites. He takes common bottle caps and tin to make these works of art. I don't think this picture does his work justice. You can check out his website to get a better look.
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My baby girl, Me, My Momma

My daughter, Brennah and my mom went with Tim and I to Art on the Green. There were some great bands playing there, not to mention the interesting artists and their wares.
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My Sweetie & I

Tim and I at Art on the Green at North Idaho College. It was so very hot that day, thus my bangs looking kinda goofy. But my man looks great...I love him so very much...he is my hero. I am so thankful to My Lord for bringing Tim into my life.
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