Thursday, May 24, 2007

Union Old Window Wall Cabinet

This old window wall cabinet was another one built by my talented husband, Tim. I enjoy the Union signs used both during the Civil War and on other things as well. So I drew this idea up and he made it happen. The bottom of the cabinet has the pointed part that you would see one a union sign, although you cannot see it from the vantage point of this photograph. It really looks like it is sitting directly on the floor, but it is not. The cabinet has three glass shelves that line up with the wood panels in the window. I love that he did this. I have had cabinets that did not line up and they are hard to place things in and make them look right. As with the other cabinet I got many compliments to pass onto my husband.
I would love to put this up in my house...but at this point I do not know where it would go. I may have to do some moving of furniture to make it happen. I know I have the 'stuff' to fill it up. This cabinet is on the large size and one would need a pretty big wall to put it on.
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Old Window Wall Cabinet

Here is one of the cabinets made by my hubby, Tim. He used an old window for the door and then built the cabinet to fit it. This one I asked him to do one to look like a crown. So he did and it turned out great and sold to some very happy customers.
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Three Farm Girls

Here is Brenda, founder of Past Blessings Antique Show, MaryJane Butters, author, organic farmer, marketer and lil' ol' me, Pamela.
I bought MaryJanes new book from her and got it signed. Here we are in the tent that was set up in the park in Fairfield, WA.
Brenda is wearing the Past Blessings Crown that I made for her. Aren't we lovely queens?
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Sunday, May 06, 2007

General Store Cabinet

This vendor specializes in General Store pieces. I loved this cabinet. It would be so fun to fill up, huh?
And believe me it would not take me long to fill it to the brim with trims, laces, buttons, jars of this 'n' that, old books, crocks and whatever else I could stick in it. I would like it better if it was not painted. I am more a fan of natural wood, well, with a dark stain, or old and worn looking.
This was one of my favorite booths at the Custer Anqitue Show.
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Wood beauty

This lovely piece was at the Custer's Antique Show this weekend. I love things with drawers and helps with my clutter. This piece was a little outta my price range right now. But it sure would look nice in my studio. I am wanting to upgrade some of my storage containers in there. This would nicely hold my rubber stamps and ink pads, etc. But it did not come home with me. Fun to dream, though.
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MaryJanes Farm Quilt

This is a photo of the second quilt put together at MaryJanes Farm. The blocks were made by the different Chapters from all over the nation. My block was made about a year ago and did not make it in time for the first quilt. It is on the second row from the top and the third block from the left. It says "Kindred Spirits." This is the name of our MaryJanes Farm Chapter here in No. Idaho. The block is of some little girls dancing around in a circle, probably playing ring around the rosy. The names of our group are also embroidered on the block, Robin, Karen, Judy, Pamela. The pattern was adapted (with some changes) from a Kate Greenaway coloring book.
This photo was posted on the MaryJanesFarm Forum a few days ago. is a fun place to visit.
We got moved into our office over the last couple of I have been busy organizing and getting my new office set up. So there was no time for posting on this blog. Although, I did get to get away to the Custer's Antique Show last weekend and I will post a couple of pictures of what I saw there. I will also be posting pics of the "new" office soon.
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