Sunday, May 06, 2007

MaryJanes Farm Quilt

This is a photo of the second quilt put together at MaryJanes Farm. The blocks were made by the different Chapters from all over the nation. My block was made about a year ago and did not make it in time for the first quilt. It is on the second row from the top and the third block from the left. It says "Kindred Spirits." This is the name of our MaryJanes Farm Chapter here in No. Idaho. The block is of some little girls dancing around in a circle, probably playing ring around the rosy. The names of our group are also embroidered on the block, Robin, Karen, Judy, Pamela. The pattern was adapted (with some changes) from a Kate Greenaway coloring book.
This photo was posted on the MaryJanesFarm Forum a few days ago. is a fun place to visit.
We got moved into our office over the last couple of I have been busy organizing and getting my new office set up. So there was no time for posting on this blog. Although, I did get to get away to the Custer's Antique Show last weekend and I will post a couple of pictures of what I saw there. I will also be posting pics of the "new" office soon.
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