Thursday, May 24, 2007

Union Old Window Wall Cabinet

This old window wall cabinet was another one built by my talented husband, Tim. I enjoy the Union signs used both during the Civil War and on other things as well. So I drew this idea up and he made it happen. The bottom of the cabinet has the pointed part that you would see one a union sign, although you cannot see it from the vantage point of this photograph. It really looks like it is sitting directly on the floor, but it is not. The cabinet has three glass shelves that line up with the wood panels in the window. I love that he did this. I have had cabinets that did not line up and they are hard to place things in and make them look right. As with the other cabinet I got many compliments to pass onto my husband.
I would love to put this up in my house...but at this point I do not know where it would go. I may have to do some moving of furniture to make it happen. I know I have the 'stuff' to fill it up. This cabinet is on the large size and one would need a pretty big wall to put it on.
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GardenGoose said...

how very nice. I like it.