Sunday, December 31, 2006

Patriotic Gingerbread Man

This little guy was part of the table decoration for the December DAR meeting. One of the gals who made lunch made them. It is Christmas and patriotism all rolled into one little cookie. I put it on my patriotic tree right away and told my husband he could not eat it until after Christmas! So now that all of the decorations are put away he can eat it up.
He Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 29, 2006

Well, our Christmas Day was spent going to the movies...since we only had one of our children home. We saw the Nativity Story. It was nicely done. Tyler took this photo of Tim and I outside of the movie theater. It was appropriate since it was after all Christmas Day! Hope this posts okay, as I've been having some problems posting and here goes...this is a test! The page keeps minimizing itself, crazy thing! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Here I am with my four children...aren't they precious? This was taken the day after Thanksgiving when we were all together. Yes, I do have a flower in my mouth and I guess that is my sassy look. But Jesus is always looking watching over you see Him? He both keeps me in line and blesses my life so much. My children are left to right, Zach, 22, Sarah, 28, Tyler, 26, Brennah, 23. Both Tyler and Brennah have birthdays in a couple of weeks.
Well, it is looking a little less like Christmas at my house, as I have spent the last two days taking it down...whew what a job. While I am at it I am also do some redecorating. Looking for a more simple look. I have too much cleaning out is a good thing. I am packing up so many of my snowman collection and into the garage they go for my 2007 fall sale. Lots of collectibles heading to the garage as well...looking for a new home. I still have the big tree in the living room to take is alot of work because of all of the vintage glass ornaments on it. I have to be very careful when handling them and packing them up for their rest until next Christmas. It takes me a full day to do this. Ugh!
I am ready to move my piano into the has been patiently waiting in the garage. So as soon as Tim can build a ramp for Zach to push it up the stairs on, it will be in the back room. Now I just need to learn how to play it. As soon as it is in and Tim can give it a polishing I will post a pic of it. It is a treasure. Until next time...have a happy do you do that? Invite Jesus into it! Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 22, 2006

Red hats, white fur top our heads

Here is my Christmas Family...all in Santa hats. A happy bunch we are. This was taken at Thanksgiving before my daughter, husband, and kids all went to Alaska. Not sure when we will all get together again. But it will be grand! Merry Christmas from all of us!
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My two sons

Here I am with my two sons, Tyler and Zach, as we had an early Christmas celebration at Zach's home last night. He and his wife will be at the in laws for Christmas so we did up a big dinner and feasted together before they had to leave. Had a small gift exchange as well. It is so nice to have a good relationship with my children. I love having two sons and two daughters.
We will have another gathering on Christmas Eve...and feast some more and do a little more gifting. I think we are going to see The Nativity as well. We might even catch another movie while we are at it, since we have the time. I have no grandchildren here this year as they are in we will have to find other ways of entertainment. Will sure miss them little ones running around...they make Christmas so much fun!
Anyways...wanted to share my good looking sons with the world. I am so very proud of them. They have both faced some very tough times, but have been victorious with the help of Jesus Christ. A prayin' mamma helps, but God gets the glory! Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 18, 2006

I love the Waltons Show. So when I saw this game on ebay just had to have it. It looks great under the Christmas tree. My children will probably think it is dorky...too dorky to play. But maybe I can get the grandchildren to play it with me.
I have to watch "The Homecoming," which is the Walton's Christmas movie, about three times each Christmas season. Nothing says Christmas like that movie. It is the best!
Just wanted to share my fun game with you all. Posted by Picasa

Let's Go Shopping book

This sweet Little Golden Book was a house warming gift brought to me as the hostess of our Kindred Spirits Farm Girl Chapter Christmas Party which was held at my home today. It was given to me from my friend, Robin. She knows how much I want to have my Mercantile so she thought of me when she found this book.
It is full of drawings of old fashioned stores and people shopping in them. It is just adorable! It is now under my Christmas tree.
Isn't it special when people know you well enough to bring you just the right treasure?
She also brought me a decal of a general store so I can put it on an old box or something. So I will be on the lookout for just the right place for it.
I am so fortunate to have good friends. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Snowy Tiered Stand Houses Vintage Churches

This scene on four tiers evokes a winter wonderland. The wooden tree with cotton batting as the snow hold a variety of churches. These churches were found at yard and rummage sales over the years.
They so so remind me of the Christmas's of my childhood when it seems every home had them as part of their Christmas decorations. They are so simple in design and mateials, but are so rich in meaning.
A few of these churches are newer as designers and production company's rush to bring all of us the Christmas's of an earlier time. I am so glad they are.
I've added both green and creamy white bottle brush trees in varing sizes to complete the look.
On the bottom tier there is a sled with a winter driver and white deer to pull it along snowy roads.
The snowman to the left of the wooden tree holds a snowflake towards the sky as if to say, "Let it snow."
The crock with the blue bird to the left comes from a great general store in Bird In Hand, Pennsylvania. We found it while on our travels back east this past fall. It is filled with fresh evergreens. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 15, 2006

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

My daughter, Brennah, and I made a batch of these a few years ago for one of my teas. The sheet music is from a very old, yes, even antique music book. The book was falling apart so I decided to use I rethinking that. Not sure if I will use it in the future or not. I do have other old sheet music for projects. We used regular glitter around the edges for the glistening power...and it works. The few of these that are left I have used to hang along the front of my fireplace. I say they are "happy." Posted by Picasa

Our Glistening Christmas Tree

This photo does not do justice to this tree. It glistens and sparkles like nothing I have ever seen. A few years ago I started collecting vintage glass ornaments...oh what fun I have had. I look for them everywhere...mostly yard sales has been my biggest source of discovery for these treasures.
I find that you need lots of garlands to fill in and add to the finished look. Plus when you drape them it gives a Victorian feel. Then putting the ornaments on as you would decorate the top of a wedding cake...with some positioning gives that desired fullness. But to top it off tinsel puts out the glistening shine. Plus it forgives the wholes here and there where an ornament could not fit. So the combination of all of these baubles together makes it a grand spectacle to behold!
The topper was found at a VFW sale and it is a beauty. It has bells hanging down from the sides. The bottom half is covered in that tiny wire they used to use. I think is it about 100 years old and in perfect condition.
I take some of the boxes of ornaments I have left over and place them under the tree to show them off. They look great sitting in the plain brown boxes with the old crisp tissue paper under them.
In the evening when the tiny lights on the tree are bouncing off of the tinsel it gives me goose bumps. I feel like a little girl again with the wonder of a Christmas tree to stare at. Oh if Christmas could last all year! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Candy Cane Tree...yum yum

This tree 's theme is Candy Canes. It is so cheery and easy to love. All of the ornaments are either striped like candy canes or have red and white striped ribbon to hang them. Some of the candy canes are covered in mica snow...which makes them appear to be vintage. There are also candy canes made from vintage looking chenille stems...these are too cute and they are very reasonable in the country gift stores.
One of the garlands is of red beads and at every 3" a red and white striped ball that looks like candy. I also used old looking tin cookie cutters and mini molds on the tree, of course with striped ribbon for hanging. Many other ornaments cover the tree to add to the "sweet" look.
The tree sits in an old galvanized bucket, which adds to the charm!
In front of the tree is a red and white metal sign thats says "Candy Canes Sold Here." It is not old, but looks like it could be.
I found some candy cane striped candles and put them in old dessert mold tins. Ican't light them, of course, because they sit under the tree and that would make for some burnt candy canes! Posted by Picasa

Primitive Snowman Tree

This tree started out as my primitive snowman tree and it does have primitive snowmen on it...but it is more than that. After my recent trip to the historical parts of our country...Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown,
Yorktown, Gettysburg, Washington DC, my patriotism has gone off like fireworks! I liked the idea of adding flags to all of my trees. Plus I have noticed that in many old photographs flags or draped patriotic fabrics are used. Flags are used for more than 4th of July...they seem to be used for many occasions in the old days. I love the way it looks. I love that it is so patriotic. I love that it is so historical. So this tree has flags, postcards of Abraham Lincoln, George Custer, and some Civil War Generals.
On many years I put up a large snowman tree. But it is a big job and it takes up so much room. This year I decided to opt for having room free for an extra table for people to sit at to eat. Now I can seat from 14-16 people with plenty of elbow room. There are six trees set up in this room. It is very festive!
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Honkin' Stockin'

Well...this stockin' would take a few dollars to fill! About 4 years ago I made new stockings for the family using the same pattern. The one shown I made for myself from an old prim quilt.
What I had noticed the last time I made stockings in about 1986 was that they were too small to put much in them. I thought at the time I was clever because they were reversable. Oh well. Anyway, this time I wanted to make sure they were big enough to be practical. They work well for gettin' some pretty big things into. The one problem with them is that they are heavy when the stocking holders do not hold them onto the fireplace. The stocking holders are pretty heavy duty as they are made from cast iron, but even so they do not work. I cannot put nails into the fireplace we have now as it a fancy one.
Maybe one day if I have large stone fireplace with a beam for the mantel I can use nails and hang them. As it is we are not really using the stockings anymore all grown up and doing their own kids stockings. But maybe we will go back to using them one day. I wanted to keep the tradition of stockings on Christmas Eve going but, we will only have one of my four even home for Christmas this year. It is hard to have your kids grown up and living away or going to the mates family for Christmas.
At any rate this stockin' is a beaut, I think. The lace is handmade...pretty huh? Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My grandma's clock chimmed every hour

Oh my did I get a wonderful surprise today. I was minding my own business...I think downloading pictures I had taken onto my laptop... when the door bell rang. Then I noticed the UPS truck out in front of my house. I got to the door and saw a very large, long box on the side of the porch. I thought...hummm...what has my husband ordered now? He gets things for his business from time to time here at the house. Oh, then I thought maybe it's the Walton's Mountain game I won on ebay. But this box was heavy and it had an address label that said it was from my sister in California. Well, I thought, she must have sent gifts for eveyone to my house. How nice!
So I opened the box and there was blue egg carton padding with styrofoam peanuts busting out. So as I am trying to pull what ever this is out of the box I feel something like wood...then it dawns on me what it is! It is my grandmother's clock! My sister is giving me the clock I have coveted for years. My father had recently given it to her, but she knew that I had wanted it.
Now there is a story behind this clock. First of all it had belonged to my parents when I was a baby. My dad's mother liked it so my dad basically gave to her for $5.00 unbeknownest to my mother...well I did not know this part until more recently. Over the last few years things have changed with my father and he no longer has much communication with his children other than my sister. So he gave her the clock. As things have changed I knew I would never own that I had put it out of my mind.
I remember this clock chiming on the hour every hour in grandma's house when I was a little girl. I would spend the night at her house and had very fond memories of the tick-tocking sound it made. Sadly, my father had left it out in the weather last winter, on a porch, but it did quite a bit of damage to it. So it needs work. There is mold on the face plate. My sister had it looked at and the expert said it would be $500.00 to get it back in shape. My husband can do any work on the wood parts, but the rest will have to be farmed out, I believe.
My grandmother died several years ago and this clock has been in storage...just waiting to be called home to my house! Now it is home.
I am so grateful to my sister for being so thoughtful, seeing how much I had wanted the clock and granting me this wonderful Christmas wish...WOW! I have had two great things happen this week. I do not if I can take anymore. My sister says I am due for them.
Well, as you can see by the photo the clock is in pieces, but it will be a priority to get it up and running and hanging in my home. Funny thing is that I was wondering through an antique store just yesterday and saw a beautiful clock I had admired before. The price had been marked down as the shop is going out of business, but the price was still $150. Not bad, but not a good time for buying a clock for myself right here at Christmas. Plus, I do not know if it worked. So I said to myself...I am going to find me an old clock, that is one thing I do not have in my house. (I have some from the 1950's, but they are not my taste) My thinking that maybe this summer when I am working on the ice cream truck (this is when I have more money for such things) I can find me a clock. I did not even have to wait until arrived today! Can you belive that? God's blessings are so amazing and timely. Posted by Picasa
This is my patriotic tree. I put it up ever two or three years. This year it had to go up because I am feeling very patriotic after my trip to the east coast to see all of the history of our country there. This tree has many flags and lot of red, white, and blue, of course, but I added a few more things this time. Some of the souvenirs I bought make great ornaments. There is a Washington and a Lincoln ribbon momento, many post cards of Gettysburg, battle leaders, and other patriotic themes. It looks really fun upclose. This tree sits on an old cook stove that is not ready to use. It is more of a table or for displaying treasures on. My sweet husband, Tim bought it for my before we were married for my birthday about 11 years ago. Maybe one day we will have a place to set up to in a plumb pit as in Mary Janes Farm.
The green apron you can see to the left is one that belonged to my grandmother, O'Delphia. It is in perfect condition and I love the color. The pass through goes into the kitchen. When we bought the house this was a window to the there is a whole room out here, not just a porch. Does that make sense? Posted by Picasa

Bells, Carolers, Churches, Nativity are what Christmas is

This is this years fireplace Christmas decorations. I chose to use my Nativity scene on one end and then to go along with that I used churches, carolers and a music theme...which all go together. There are four cardboard carolers along the back of the scene...they are vintage. I added some glass glitter to spice them up a little. Two boys and two girls make up the set.
There are white mini lights under the blanket of snow. Then I used drippy snow across the front. Both snows are made of cotton batting.
The churchs are from different sources...I just love them. They just say "Christmas" to me. I sprinkled pine trees around to make it look an natural as possible. Most of the trees are dusted with snow.
The Carolers are of different styles. The three to the far left are those vintage candles nobody actually burns.
The center ones wearing red are made by Kurt Sadlers and then there is a vintage ceramic one between them. In the very back is a Dicken's styled caroler wearing a black top hat...he is so cute!
The white bells in the front I have had a few years...they are not old but the style of them reminds me of the kind we used to see when I was a child. Bells have to go with the churchs and carolers!
The four stars that hang down in front are made using vintage sheet music and glitter all around the edges. My daughter and I made these a few years ago.
The vintage print on the back of the fireplace hung in my grandparents home all through my growing up years. I loved it so, asked for it and got it a few years back. It is of Jesus praying, the moon is in the background. Just above that (which I think you can only see part of) is a wood sign that my youngest son, Zach bought me for my birthday last year. It says "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord." It is in beautiful burled wood. Iadore it...this has a story in it self....for another post, another day.
You can click on the photo to enlarge peek on inside for a Christmas wonderland! Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 11, 2006

Here is the napkin ring made using a cardboard tube. I covered it with old sheet music and tea stained the paper. I cut out 3" stars and glittered them as I did the ornaments in last post. Then they are attached, I used hot glue to do this. The banner is the theme verse from the tea (James 1:17), I printed it out on parchment paper and glued to the back of the stars before attaching the stars to the tube.
I pulled the linen napkins, which were all bought at yard sales, through the tube and wallah... On a side note I am amazed at how we get linen napkins. I learned about this process on my recent trip to the east coast by visiting the Staunton Living History Center in Virginia. More on that in a later check back.
I layed them on the plates for the ladies to enjoy and use. They fit right in with the table decor and added to the elegance.
I love to create and it is great when I can share what I have made with others. Hope you enjoyed reading about my tea decorating. Merry Christmas! Oh...I do so love is exhilerating!!! Posted by Picasa
Here are three of the eight glittered stars I made for the ladies at the Tea. I cut out the star shapes, glued the stars and gave them a heavy dusting of glitter. Then I did the same on the back, and again more glittering on the front they really glisten. This process takes a few hours as they need to dry thoroughly between layers of glitter so the cardboard won't curl up on you.
Next I printed out some banners on a heavy parchment paper with the theme of the tea on them. They say "Jesus...The Perfect Gift." They are attached with glue.
I made some long hooks from wire and added a bell to them. The back has a tag saying who made them and the occasion. Maybe a hundred years from now they will be a collectible! These can be used as a Chrismas ornament or hung anywhere. Posted by Picasa
This photo is of the lovely ladies that I was hostess for at our church Christmas Tea. I am standing at the back with the cream colored blouse and goldish fringe shawl.
I decorated the table using silver candlesticks with cream colored candles glowing from them. I bought the three dessert stands a few months ago and this is the first opportunity I had to put them to use. They have vintage glass balls in them. My Homer Laughlin china is cream with a gold rim around the edge. I got the set at a yard sale a few summers ago for only $10.00. I love them because they match anything and look so elegant.
I also used some fresh pine boughs for a festive touch in the center of the table. Lace tablecloths cover the tables givng a warm old fashioned feel. I will tell about the gifts and napkin rings I made for each lady in the next post. If you love glitter you'll want to see this. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 10, 2006

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine! This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine. This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!
This candlelight is from the table I decorated from the ladies tea at our church. I just love is so calming.
Today was very special for me. My son who had lived away from God has recommitted his life to Christ. I feel ten years younger and like I can conquer anything! This is the best Christmas gift I have ever received!
I will be posting pics of my table from the tea as well as the gift I made for each of the ladies. So stay tuned! Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 08, 2006

I should never again complain about doing laundry. Not that I really complain all that much about doing laundry, but I do complain about having to go up and down the stairs to get to my washer. I do hang out my clothes in the good weather and even in the winter I use my drying racks. It takes a day or so for the clothes to dry this way as we keep the thermostat at about 63. But if I stay on top of it I still have other clothes to choose from while the washed clothes dry. I do laundry about twice a week. Monday is washday for the most part, but I do another load sometime towards the end of the week. I bet you are glad I told you this, huh?
This is the wash house at Mt. Vernon. I doubt George did much of his own laundry when at home. He and Martha had 100 slaves to do such things. But would I have done the same if I lived in that time and had the means to have slaves. I would like to think not, but the truth is it was very normal for the time...anyway my reason for posting this pic was not to vent about slavery, but ah...the hope for all seeing this pic would make us all appreciate having the way we have to do our laundry.
I really enjoyed seeing Mt. Vernon and how George and Martha, our country's parents, lived day to day. I think the most interesting thing is that there was the silver, fine china, fine paintings in the big house and then there was the primitiveness in which the slaves lived. (No photography allowed inside of the house so you have to take my word for that.) But in a since they all lived very primatively compared to how we live today. They had no electricity, telephones, propane, etc. Even Martha had to light a candle to light her path after dark. Even she had to use the outhouse in the middle of the night. The outhouse was not that close to where their bedroom was, either. I've been closer to a toweetee when camping than Martha was to her site of deposit! Good thing they had chamber pots. Even though George and Martha had were well off and I am not, I still live very well in comparison. I do not have to start a fire to heat up an iron to iron a few wrinkles out of a partially cotton blouse...if I did I would have to choose something else to wear or go wrinkly since I do not have a wood burning fireplace in the house. I'd have to go out into the shop attached to the house and put a fire in the woodstove there. Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 04, 2006

This is the First Presbytarian Church in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The original church was built by my gggggggggg-greatgrandfather, John Ogden and his sons. There were subsequent church's built, but they were destroyed in the Revolutionary War. This church is the one left standing. John Ogden and his wife, Jane are said to be buried underneath the church as the original church was smaller and encompassed the cemetery. When the newer churches were built they were built over the old cemetery.
There are numerous Ogden's buried here now. Including my gggggggg-greatgrandfather, Thomas and both of his wives, Jean and Dinah. Their headstones are just to the right of the church. I did take photos of these, with the exception of Thomas' as I could not find his.
This church is on the verge of a refurbishing along with the cemetery. Many of the headstones are hard to read and have sunken into the ground, so they need quite a bit of work.
I am proud to be a descendant of these folks who pioneers in the founding of our country. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 03, 2006

This old house was built by my ggggggggg-greatgrandfather, John Ogden and his son in about 1664. It is in Elizabeth, New Jersey, where he was a prominent citizen and founding father of Elizabeth.
While on a recent visit to Elizabeth we were privileged to get a personal tour of the home, which is now owned by the New Jersey Historical Society. This home is now officially closed to the public. It is in very good condition. Many historical events took place at this home. A wedding here had in attendance some very famous people...George Washington, Marquis d Lafayette, Alexander Hamilton. The house was then raided by the British and ransacked. But the British were too late...all of the Patriots had left! We saw a print of this wedding in the house when we were there...George Washington is a recognizable personage.
The main part of the house is brick with some added on portions of wood. There were three Ogden men who served as Govenor's of New Jersey, one of which was Aaron Ogden who lived here for a time. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 01, 2006

Inside George Wythe House in Williamsburg

This is inside of the George Wythe house in Colonial Williamsburg on November 2, 2006. I am standing on the stairs going up to second floor. The thing I remember about this house is that on one of the days here there was a seamstress showing how ladies sewed in the 18 century. She did her demonstration near a window on the landing just up from where I was standing in this photo. I will post about her and her tools of the trade in a later post. Check out that wallpaper! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 30, 2006

First cabinet inside of Hoosier

Okay I think this is working...I am so thrilled. This photo is of the first cabinet inside of the hoosier. It has the original shopping list still in tack and in pretty good condition. I keep jars with all kinds of goodies in here. Right now they have pipe cleaner candy canes in them. The three bears were found at a yard sale about 7 years ago. Aren't they cute? They are vintage, but I am not sure just how old they are. The jello/cake mold was found at a local antique store. I had one with no lid, so when I saw this one I thought I should have it just in case Iever wanted to use it. I bought it from a gal that I did not know at that time, but I ended getting to know her in time. She(Robin) came to one of my sales I have in my home at Christmas time. She loved my house and we had a great visit. So I invited her to be in a farm girls club I am the leader of. We get together and create and eat. We love to go to the thrift stores together. Our group is called Kindred Spirits Chapter. We are one of many such Chapters in the US.

Well, I think this is all for now. Oh this is so fun! Posted by Picasa