Friday, December 15, 2006

Our Glistening Christmas Tree

This photo does not do justice to this tree. It glistens and sparkles like nothing I have ever seen. A few years ago I started collecting vintage glass ornaments...oh what fun I have had. I look for them everywhere...mostly yard sales has been my biggest source of discovery for these treasures.
I find that you need lots of garlands to fill in and add to the finished look. Plus when you drape them it gives a Victorian feel. Then putting the ornaments on as you would decorate the top of a wedding cake...with some positioning gives that desired fullness. But to top it off tinsel puts out the glistening shine. Plus it forgives the wholes here and there where an ornament could not fit. So the combination of all of these baubles together makes it a grand spectacle to behold!
The topper was found at a VFW sale and it is a beauty. It has bells hanging down from the sides. The bottom half is covered in that tiny wire they used to use. I think is it about 100 years old and in perfect condition.
I take some of the boxes of ornaments I have left over and place them under the tree to show them off. They look great sitting in the plain brown boxes with the old crisp tissue paper under them.
In the evening when the tiny lights on the tree are bouncing off of the tinsel it gives me goose bumps. I feel like a little girl again with the wonder of a Christmas tree to stare at. Oh if Christmas could last all year! Posted by Picasa

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