Thursday, December 14, 2006

Primitive Snowman Tree

This tree started out as my primitive snowman tree and it does have primitive snowmen on it...but it is more than that. After my recent trip to the historical parts of our country...Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown,
Yorktown, Gettysburg, Washington DC, my patriotism has gone off like fireworks! I liked the idea of adding flags to all of my trees. Plus I have noticed that in many old photographs flags or draped patriotic fabrics are used. Flags are used for more than 4th of July...they seem to be used for many occasions in the old days. I love the way it looks. I love that it is so patriotic. I love that it is so historical. So this tree has flags, postcards of Abraham Lincoln, George Custer, and some Civil War Generals.
On many years I put up a large snowman tree. But it is a big job and it takes up so much room. This year I decided to opt for having room free for an extra table for people to sit at to eat. Now I can seat from 14-16 people with plenty of elbow room. There are six trees set up in this room. It is very festive!
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