Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bells, Carolers, Churches, Nativity are what Christmas is

This is this years fireplace Christmas decorations. I chose to use my Nativity scene on one end and then to go along with that I used churches, carolers and a music theme...which all go together. There are four cardboard carolers along the back of the scene...they are vintage. I added some glass glitter to spice them up a little. Two boys and two girls make up the set.
There are white mini lights under the blanket of snow. Then I used drippy snow across the front. Both snows are made of cotton batting.
The churchs are from different sources...I just love them. They just say "Christmas" to me. I sprinkled pine trees around to make it look an natural as possible. Most of the trees are dusted with snow.
The Carolers are of different styles. The three to the far left are those vintage candles nobody actually burns.
The center ones wearing red are made by Kurt Sadlers and then there is a vintage ceramic one between them. In the very back is a Dicken's styled caroler wearing a black top hat...he is so cute!
The white bells in the front I have had a few years...they are not old but the style of them reminds me of the kind we used to see when I was a child. Bells have to go with the churchs and carolers!
The four stars that hang down in front are made using vintage sheet music and glitter all around the edges. My daughter and I made these a few years ago.
The vintage print on the back of the fireplace hung in my grandparents home all through my growing up years. I loved it so, asked for it and got it a few years back. It is of Jesus praying, the moon is in the background. Just above that (which I think you can only see part of) is a wood sign that my youngest son, Zach bought me for my birthday last year. It says "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord." It is in beautiful burled wood. Iadore it...this has a story in it self....for another post, another day.
You can click on the photo to enlarge it...so peek on inside for a Christmas wonderland! Posted by Picasa

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