Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Honkin' Stockin'

Well...this stockin' would take a few dollars to fill! About 4 years ago I made new stockings for the family using the same pattern. The one shown I made for myself from an old prim quilt.
What I had noticed the last time I made stockings in about 1986 was that they were too small to put much in them. I thought at the time I was clever because they were reversable. Oh well. Anyway, this time I wanted to make sure they were big enough to be practical. They work well for gettin' some pretty big things into. The one problem with them is that they are heavy when the stocking holders do not hold them onto the fireplace. The stocking holders are pretty heavy duty as they are made from cast iron, but even so they do not work. I cannot put nails into the fireplace we have now as it a fancy one.
Maybe one day if I have large stone fireplace with a beam for the mantel I can use nails and hang them. As it is we are not really using the stockings anymore all grown up and doing their own kids stockings. But maybe we will go back to using them one day. I wanted to keep the tradition of stockings on Christmas Eve going but, we will only have one of my four even home for Christmas this year. It is hard to have your kids grown up and living away or going to the mates family for Christmas.
At any rate this stockin' is a beaut, I think. The lace is handmade...pretty huh? Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful stocking! I still use the red and white fuzzy ones! Make I'll make new ones for next year!