Thursday, December 14, 2006

Candy Cane Tree...yum yum

This tree 's theme is Candy Canes. It is so cheery and easy to love. All of the ornaments are either striped like candy canes or have red and white striped ribbon to hang them. Some of the candy canes are covered in mica snow...which makes them appear to be vintage. There are also candy canes made from vintage looking chenille stems...these are too cute and they are very reasonable in the country gift stores.
One of the garlands is of red beads and at every 3" a red and white striped ball that looks like candy. I also used old looking tin cookie cutters and mini molds on the tree, of course with striped ribbon for hanging. Many other ornaments cover the tree to add to the "sweet" look.
The tree sits in an old galvanized bucket, which adds to the charm!
In front of the tree is a red and white metal sign thats says "Candy Canes Sold Here." It is not old, but looks like it could be.
I found some candy cane striped candles and put them in old dessert mold tins. Ican't light them, of course, because they sit under the tree and that would make for some burnt candy canes! Posted by Picasa

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