Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This is my patriotic tree. I put it up ever two or three years. This year it had to go up because I am feeling very patriotic after my trip to the east coast to see all of the history of our country there. This tree has many flags and lot of red, white, and blue, of course, but I added a few more things this time. Some of the souvenirs I bought make great ornaments. There is a Washington and a Lincoln ribbon momento, many post cards of Gettysburg, battle leaders, and other patriotic themes. It looks really fun upclose. This tree sits on an old cook stove that is not ready to use. It is more of a table or for displaying treasures on. My sweet husband, Tim bought it for my before we were married for my birthday about 11 years ago. Maybe one day we will have a place to set up to use...like in a plumb pit as in Mary Janes Farm.
The green apron you can see to the left is one that belonged to my grandmother, O'Delphia. It is in perfect condition and I love the color. The pass through goes into the kitchen. When we bought the house this was a window to the outside...now there is a whole room out here, not just a porch. Does that make sense? Posted by Picasa

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