Monday, December 04, 2006

This is the First Presbytarian Church in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The original church was built by my gggggggggg-greatgrandfather, John Ogden and his sons. There were subsequent church's built, but they were destroyed in the Revolutionary War. This church is the one left standing. John Ogden and his wife, Jane are said to be buried underneath the church as the original church was smaller and encompassed the cemetery. When the newer churches were built they were built over the old cemetery.
There are numerous Ogden's buried here now. Including my gggggggg-greatgrandfather, Thomas and both of his wives, Jean and Dinah. Their headstones are just to the right of the church. I did take photos of these, with the exception of Thomas' as I could not find his.
This church is on the verge of a refurbishing along with the cemetery. Many of the headstones are hard to read and have sunken into the ground, so they need quite a bit of work.
I am proud to be a descendant of these folks who pioneers in the founding of our country. Posted by Picasa

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