Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My grandma's clock chimmed every hour

Oh my did I get a wonderful surprise today. I was minding my own business...I think downloading pictures I had taken onto my laptop... when the door bell rang. Then I noticed the UPS truck out in front of my house. I got to the door and saw a very large, long box on the side of the porch. I thought...hummm...what has my husband ordered now? He gets things for his business from time to time here at the house. Oh, then I thought maybe it's the Walton's Mountain game I won on ebay. But this box was heavy and it had an address label that said it was from my sister in California. Well, I thought, she must have sent gifts for eveyone to my house. How nice!
So I opened the box and there was blue egg carton padding with styrofoam peanuts busting out. So as I am trying to pull what ever this is out of the box I feel something like wood...then it dawns on me what it is! It is my grandmother's clock! My sister is giving me the clock I have coveted for years. My father had recently given it to her, but she knew that I had wanted it.
Now there is a story behind this clock. First of all it had belonged to my parents when I was a baby. My dad's mother liked it so my dad basically gave to her for $5.00 unbeknownest to my mother...well I did not know this part until more recently. Over the last few years things have changed with my father and he no longer has much communication with his children other than my sister. So he gave her the clock. As things have changed I knew I would never own that clock...so I had put it out of my mind.
I remember this clock chiming on the hour every hour in grandma's house when I was a little girl. I would spend the night at her house and had very fond memories of the tick-tocking sound it made. Sadly, my father had left it out in the weather last winter, on a porch, but it did quite a bit of damage to it. So it needs work. There is mold on the face plate. My sister had it looked at and the expert said it would be $500.00 to get it back in shape. My husband can do any work on the wood parts, but the rest will have to be farmed out, I believe.
My grandmother died several years ago and this clock has been in storage...just waiting to be called home to my house! Now it is home.
I am so grateful to my sister for being so thoughtful, seeing how much I had wanted the clock and granting me this wonderful Christmas wish...WOW! I have had two great things happen this week. I do not if I can take anymore. My sister says I am due for them.
Well, as you can see by the photo the clock is in pieces, but it will be a priority to get it up and running and hanging in my home. Funny thing is that I was wondering through an antique store just yesterday and saw a beautiful clock I had admired before. The price had been marked down as the shop is going out of business, but the price was still $150. Not bad, but not a good time for buying a clock for myself right here at Christmas. Plus, I do not know if it worked. So I said to myself...I am going to find me an old clock, that is one thing I do not have in my house. (I have some from the 1950's, but they are not my taste) My thinking that maybe this summer when I am working on the ice cream truck (this is when I have more money for such things) I can find me a clock. I did not even have to wait until summer...it arrived today! Can you belive that? God's blessings are so amazing and timely. Posted by Picasa

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