Sunday, July 20, 2008

Olde Windows at Barn Sale

We had some of our collection of old windows at the Vintage Barn Sale. We have been collecting them over the years with the intent of doing some great project with them. Alas, it never happened. Since Tim is a glazer he gets these old windows from time to time when he does a change out from old to new. So we began stock piling them. We sold about half of what we brought. Since they were along the back fence behind us I think they were not as noticable to customers or we would have sold them all. They were only $7.00 each. Tim just did not want to being any back home. But we had some left.
I will have them at the sales I am having here at my little antique sale in the next few weeks. No date as of yet, as I am still going through and purging stuff.
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GardenGoose said...

in one of our last issues of Small Town Living magazine we featured a glass house that could be made using antique windows like the ones you have shown here. and at just $7 each..that's a nice deal.