Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sweet rose

My darling husband just came in a bit ago and brought me this rose. I put it in an old galvanized container with a spout, may have been for puttin' oil in a tractor. Yesterday was our 13Th Anniversary, thus the reason for this lovely gift. A day late, but no complaints from me. He used to bring me a rose on every 2ND day of the month, because we met on the 2ND day of the month. That was when we were dating and even some after marriage. But as time wore on that little tradition tightened up and life just got busy.

So it was a great surprise when he came in with this pretty pink rose. We are both cheap and any more would rather pick a rose in a garden than buy one. Give me the money spent on a bouquet of roses...maybe I can find an old goodie for my house with it. This is even what he told the florist, "She'd rather have the money than a bouquet." He is right! But still this token was a sweet treat. I love it.

Not been posting to much...getting ready for the Vintage Barn Antique Sale in Rathdrum on Sat, July 12TH. I have lots of linens and they needed ironing up and mending. So this has kept me pretty busy. I will also have old windows, china dishes, chenille, and much more in my booth.

Tomorrow is Tim's birthday...yep, he was born on Independance Day! So we are heading to the parade and then I think out to lunch. We do have a great parade in downtown Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. Very Normal Rockwell. Not sure what else we'll do during the day. He may want to go fishin.' It should be cooler tomorrow...the heat has been too much for me the last couple of days. So a reprieve will be welcomed. I am happy not to be driving my ice cream truck this year...first year for a long time I have not had to work. The 4th of July is my best sales day all season. But since the truck is for sale there is no ice cream in it to sell. I am good with it. I will love the chance to just be with my honey. Only one son is available, so he will come over later in the day.
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