Sunday, March 25, 2007 we come!

Here is a picture of me with some of my family members. I am on vacation in Hollywood. Just so happens that I came to California to see my mom while my husband fixes our roof. The weather has gotten good enough for Tim to tear off the end of the house where the tree came down on us this winter and repair the roof. I will be so glad to have this fixed and have my home back to normal with a new office as a result! I am in the back row with tan shirt on, dark hair. This is off of my nephew. Coy's balcony, he lives on block off of Hollywood Bvld. I would not want to live here...but it is fun to experience at least once.
Once in California, I spent a few days with my mom then my sister joined us and we drove to So. California to visit my nephew, who lives here. His parents and sister had planned on coming this same weekend, so we made a mini family retreat of it. Part of our group has now gone home and it is time for the girls to do some fun things in L.A. So tomorrow we plan to go to the Fashion District to have a look around. We will visit the beach and probably China Town before heading for home on Wed. I will fly back to Idaho on Saturday.
So I may not post any new pics until then...depending on where I can get Internet service. But I have alot of things around the house I want to talk about and show you all. So I will be doing this soon. I did take some photos of my studio, but the light was not good and so I need to redo them.
I will also be getting ready for the Past Blessings Antique Show and may post some of what I will offer..but not to much as I want there to be new things for shoppers to see first hand.
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