Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sweet Little chicky

This little wooden sign was a Michael's find a few years back. I hung it outside for the photo...but buurrr it is still freezing out I moved it to the front door to greet those who come to visit. There it at least has the storm door to protect it. Can't have frozen chicks...which reminds me of a little story.
When I was about 7 a friend gave me two little baby chicks...not sure why...but I love birds so I must have expressed an interest in having some. Anyway, we had them in a box in the house, but they made so much noise chirping at night that my mom said they had to go out onto the back porch at night from now on.
Such a sad thing it was when I went out to check on them little chickies the next morning and they were both dead! Poor little things had froze to mom didn 't know anything about keep chicks either, I guess. I was devastated! I cried. Pretty traumatic for a 7 year old who likes birdies. Now I know they have to be under a heat lamp until they are older. It never got that cold there in the Sacramento Valley...but too cold for little chickies.
On that note...Happy Easter...don't put your little chickies outside!
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