Monday, April 23, 2007


I cannot tell you when I went through to get these two bags of beans home from California to Idaho recently. I had three pieces of luggage, two to check and one to carry on. Well, as it turned out one of the bags to check was too heavy. So I had to take a bag of beans from it and add it to my carry on. I already had one bag of beans in it. These bags o' beans weighed 5 pounds each! So my carry on (which also had my laptop and other electronics in it ended up being very heavy. Then I forgot to remove my shampoo bottles from carry on and got taken aside and they were removed from my bag...I did feel a bit like a common criminal! Shame on me for having two bottles with me that were 4 ounces each! I do not know what I was thinking. So I had to be escorted (with the examiners hand on my elbow, no less) back around to go through the line again. I had waited in the line for over an hour as it was. Well, this pushed me back enough to miss my flight. I tried to catch a flight four hours later...but it was not to be. I had to have my neice come and get me and I stayed the night at at her house, she lives about 45 minutes away. I scheduled another flight for the next day before leaving the airport.
Would you believe it? The next day when I went to go through the security line I had a small water bottle with me ( always carry this in my purse because I seem to be thirsty ALOT) and it had about 1/2 oz of water in it and the guy would not let me drink it. So I had to throw it away or go through the line again. I use these small bottles all the time and did not want to toss since I had enough time on this round through I just went back through the line. This is a task in itself...take off belt and shoes and put in bin, take out laptop and put in bin, put purse in bin, put carry on on belt and run them all through the xray. Take self through xray. Redress self and move onto where we board. Exhausted!
So here are the cranberry beans. My sister in law had given them to me from one of the local fruit stands in the Sacramento Valley.
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