Saturday, December 13, 2008

Me Caroling

Okay, this is probably silly, but I took my own photo caroling. Our church did a huge community service day today. But it was so bitter cold for those of us who went out caroling. I have been wanting to go caroling for many years, but there did not seem to be a group of anyone I knew going out. So when I heard that as part of the community service day there would be caroling...I was very excited about it. I LOVE to sing Christmas Carols! I wanted to blog about my I just took my own photo of me singing. I was so chilled to the bone by the time I got home it litterly took me about to hours to warm up. Temps are going to get worse tonight...Yikes!
I was wearing my red and white scarf and gloves with a santa hat. One guy told me that I was the most Christmasy person out there today. The gloves were so cheap though...we took them back tonight 'cause they fell apart. I need to have someone make me a set from some nice yarn. I don't knit, did learn in high school, but did not really care for it.
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