Saturday, December 20, 2008

Candy Cane Striped "THE MERCANTILE"

"M" is for Mercantile.
Oh my...did I ever fall for these delicious letters at Joanne's. I absolutely adore red and white is so CHRISTMASY. I wanted to buy the whole rack of letters...My budget would not allow for that. So then I had to think of what I wanted to spell so I could take some of these letters home with me. I came up with my little business name "THE MERCANTILE" figuring at least I can leave them up all year in my studio. If I spelled out Merry Christmas, then they would have to come down after the sweet holiday.

When I got home with the letters I found that I had missed the 'L,' so I could not even spell it out! ARGH! A few days later on one of hubby's trips into town he went by there and got me the 'L.' He said they are now on sale, only 50 cents each. I do love a sale. I even considered waiting when I bought them until they went on sale...but that would likely mean that all of the letters I would want would be I bought them anyway.

Now if I hung these in my studio for a pic of them, you would have a heard time reading them...admittedly there is a lot in there making it hard to see anything with a pattern. So I hung them on my old theater seats on my back porch. This part of the porch is free of snow because it is pretty far under the eaves.
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