Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Lord Is Robed In Majesty Crowns

Here is one of 30 crowns I made for a ladies breakfast at my church in January. The themes for the year are the attibutes of God, first one being His Majesty. Since crowns are all the rage I thought it would be a great chance to design one. The crown was first drawn out, pattern made of paper, then of cardstock. Next I had to cut 60 of them as my cardstock was too thin to be only one thickness. Then they were glued together, two crown pieces to each crown. No easy task, glue everywhere! Put between two boards and clamped. After the glue dried they went to my husbands shop for getting a couple of coats of grayish spray paint, both sides. We both worked on this for several hours. Then came the fun part...the glass glitter getting glued on. After drying came the other embellishments. The banner with the verse on it was printed out on parchment paper and cut. The little black pinwheels are made of crepe paper. I cut 6" strips of streamer crepe paper in half length wise, then made tiny folds back and forth making an accordian. They were then glued and clamped on both sides. After drying they were made into the circle and glued together. After they making 60 of these little buggers...UGH...they were glued onto the banners. Then the glass glitter was glued onto them. After that the banners were glued onto the crowns. I used my own big head (I have lotsa hair) to measure the size to make the crowns...figuring they could fit any large head and be made smaller for smaller heads. They were stapled together.
Then I went to Joanne's and used my half off coupon and bought some black velveteen to sit them on at the tables. They looked quite regal...should after two weeks of working on them! But do as unto the Lord is what I need to remember! They are for sale now for $10.00. I will probably change some of the banners to say other things and have them at upcoming shows along with many of my other creations.
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