Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Thoms we come

Here is our new business card. Yes, Tim and I have become Referring Travel Agents. We are very excited about this new venture.
Tim has been in the construction field for many years and it is beginning to take it's tole on his body. He needs a knee replacement too. Plus we have no we knew we needed to find something to get us through our next stage of life.

We both LOVE to travel, who doesn't? So when we heard about this opportunity we decided to give it a go.
We are in training, but already beginning to book travel from our site. We would be grateful for you to book us as well. Our site usually offers the best going price for flights, hotels, more. We would appreciate you giving us your travel needs business.

I have not posted much lately...been busy training. I hope to get back to it soon. I will be at my DAR convention for the next three days. I need to take some new pics in my studio since I have been finding some fun finds at the thrift shop. So I will be posting those soon.

Book your travel at
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Lori said...

I'm interested in what a "referring travel agent" is? How does one become a referring travel agent? What qualifications does a person need to have? Cost ot start up, etc?

Priscilla said...

congratulations on your new venture! It sounds interesting......

GardenGoose said...

congratulations with your new business.
best of wishes.