Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Year

So much to do, so little what goes first? The blogging. Oh well.
I have discovered 'etsy,' a place to sell handcrafted goodies, offered by ebay. I will be listing things there soon, so look our world. I have made some vintage styled collages incased in glass wrapped with copper foil tape. Not only are they fun, they are quite lovely, if I do say so myself.
I am the chapeter leader for our local MaryJanes Farm Chapter. There are four of us right now in the group. We have made aprons, cross stitched "We gather together to ask the Lord's Blessing" on tea dyed linen, made wax dipped snowmen, and taken field trips. We have planned a field trip to go junking to the local thrift shops to find supplies for our Crinoline ladies. The crinoline ladies will be patterned from an old one made around 1930. This lovely piece hangs in my home over my antique sewing machine.
I think we will also be making some vintages styled valentine boxes, using old sheet music, crepe paper, dresden do-das, and whatever else we need to make them Victorian and romantic.
I will get a pictured posted here of my is so full of 'stuff' it is pure wonderment to see.

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