Sunday, March 19, 2006

Homestead Mercantile

Homestead Mercantile

This week was St. Patrick's Day and we celebrated it by having Zach's 22nd birthday dinner on that night...but we did have cabbage though. Tim grilled steaks for everybody, except me of course since I do not eat meat.
The time has finally come that our relationship with my son, Zach, is a good one. After years of trails and heartache, he is settling down. I love spending time with him.
We'll I leave for my world travels on world I mean our world of the good old US. The plans have changed several now it looks like we are going to take the kids and go to Branson for three days to do all the things one does there. Having never been I do not know what to expect, but Sarah says there is plenty to do to fill up our time there. She likes it because it is family oriented. So my mom and I will just have fun with Noah, Eli and Isaac no matter what we do or where we go.
Then mom and I will stay with the three boys for the weekend while Ed and Sarah drive to Georgia to get Ed's three kids, who are at their moms for the week.
Then mom and I are planning to head down to Arkansas and Oklahoma to see the cemeteries and visit some relatives there. Not too sure what we will find, but I am up for an adventure. Praying that there are no tornadoes while we are there.
Maybe there will be a yard sale ot two while I am there. If not there are always the antique stores....whoa nelly hold me back!
How many suitcases can one carry on those planes??? Yeah, I know three, but boy can I pack 'em full!
I am working on a rag rug these days...crocheting it using cotton fabric strips. It will go in front of my kitchen sink. Greens, tans, browns are the colors.
Catching up on some embroidery projects as well...things I had bought at estate or yard sales that people never finished. I've found some very cool old things to work on this way. I really enjoy hand very soothing and therapuetic.
Found some really cool books at Joanne's recently. They are Memories of a Lifetime. There are about five or six in the series. They are chock full of goodies. My favorite one has antique styled certificates for birth, marriage, babtisms and the like. You can color copy the pages or use the CD to print out your own. I will be using this one alot for making them up using my own family members names and info. Then framing them for the house...not sure where they will go as my walls already look like a museum. But I am sure I will figure it out. Then there is one using florals and lots of is lovely. I will not stop until I have everyone of them in my collection. I am using my Joanne's 40% off coupons to buy them. I rarely pay full price for anything in there, or anywhere for that matter. Well, with the exception of my favorite gift and antique stores.
I am starting to put together the items I will have in my booth at MaryJanes Farm Fair this July. Collectibles, farm related goods I have made and just old stuff. We are sure to have a very fulfilled time there.
Found a cool old picture frame at St Vincent's 1/2 off sale this week, as well as an old picture of Jesus that needs framing and an old bottle. The frame has a picture in it, but it is not old nor attractive, so it will get something far cooler in it. I am sure I have a frame for the Jesus picture, just finding it is the issue. But the room where I have things like that will be easier to get to as the occupant (Bren) is moving to another location here on our property the next few days. She will be able to have her doggy with her at night...which puts a big smile on her face. Plus many projects have not been done because I have not been able to access that room for over six months now. So now I will have no excuses! Get 'em done, girl!
Think I'll go get some eggs and toast.

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