Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Little Bit of Halloween

I am not a huge fan of Halloween...but I do enjoy the vintage pieces as they remind me of my childhood...of which we did not celebrate Halloween. That may make no sense, but at school we did Halloween projects and crafts, then at home we did a Harvest celebration. My daddy being a preacher...he felt that Halloween, as many still do, was too pagan. So we had church events on Halloween night where people did dress up, ate caramel apples, bobbed for apples, maybe had a campfire, gunnysack races and more. Now, don't feel sorry for me as the parties were every bit as fun as trick or that I look back at it. I am not so sure I felt that way as a mom did let us go around to a few neighbors houses to get our candy before we left for the party. I am sure we begged her, so before dad came home she indulged us in the early evening and let us go for a bit. I still get a tad of excitement when this time of year comes around, as if I were eight again, by the thought of it all. Silly, huh?
Anyhoo...the doll under glass is a Nicole Sayre creation, the paper black cat was given to me by Melissa Neufeld (Country Living contributor). The felt penny styled decoration with cats and pumpkins was found at a country gift store and is not new, but has a very vintage feel to it. Normally I would make this myself, but it was only $10.00 and it would have taken me several hours to make I just bought it. The book is vintage and is about two crows.
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