Sunday, November 30, 2008

Farm Queen Crown

Here is one of my crowns in a shop called "Enchanted Farm," which is south of Spokane, Wa.
My mommy has been here to visit lately, so we have been watching a bunch of Christmas movies. I have not been taking many pics of blogging my blog is a bit boring right now. But I will be back at it soon.
My studio is overflowing with goods I have found around town in the various thrift shops. My problem is that I bring them home, clean them up and put them into place, then I think of taking a pic...a little late, I say. Not that I can't shoot them afterwards, but it is not the same when the goodies are in amoungst other "stuff." Hard to see what is new and what I already had. I am so full in my studio...hope I will be able to move into a larger space sometime in the I call it.
Thanks for stopping by...please do come back.
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