Sunday, October 11, 2009

Green Tomatoes-not fried-but nearly frozen

These four baskets are full of tomatoes that Brennah I picked early one evening when we heard it was going to freeze overnight again. Tim had been covering them, but I am not so sure they were fairing well. So we went out in the dark and pulled up all of the plants and gathered these tomatoes off of them. Now to let them ripen and more tomato sauce will be made. This tomatoes many will probably yield about 15 quarts.
We are pretty set for the next year on tomato sauce. I make it plain, then I can add spices when I cook with it to flavor. It can be used in pasta dishes, Mexican dishes, pizza, or added to homemade soups and stews.
Years ago I had a very large garden and made the sauce this same way and it worked well. This is when my kiddos were all little and we literally lived off of our garden produce, fruit trees and berry bushes. Times were hard and that large garden was a life saver! I am thankful I learned to can what we grew.
I have really enjoyed my days at home cooking down the tomatoes into sauce. I really am a home body, even though I am working a couple of part-time jobs now. But my days at home are my favorite.
Pictures of my canned goods will follow in the next couple of weeks when it is all done and said. I am thanking God for the blessing of our garden harvest.
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