Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Old Wood Rack

This was a piece a friend was tossing out. It was missing some slats, so we got creative to fix that issue. What did we do? Well, we started looking around this place for something to put in the space of missing slats.
Ahha! About two years ago I had an old trunk sitting around that was in really bad shape, torn metal and such. Tim wanted me throw it out..."what?" I said, "throw it out?" "you are kidding, right?" I never throw anything out, especially is it has anything old on it. I took that trunk apart and saved the metal and pieces of wood. Knowing someday it would come in handy for something...and it did. So Tim took those pieces from the old trunk and laid them out on the rack...they fit perfectly! Amazing!
Well, this rack had a hold some of my baskets. So Tim hung it up in the back dining room above a Hoosier cabinet and out of the way. It's been up since Christmas. I did not have the right size hooks for the baskets, so it was never used. Then in January we began to talk about selling this house. Without ever being used, he took it down yesterday. It now sits outside of the house we are moving too waiting to be hung again and this time maybe it will get used. My ceilings in the new house are not very high, so not sure where it will go. It may have to wait until the next house...which I hope is a farmhouse! Still dreaming...of that farmhouse where grandchildren can run and play, I can have my chickens, grow a large garden, and have gatherings...lots of gatherings!
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